How To Break Fast To Take Probiotics During Fasting

How To Break Fast To Take Probiotics During Fasting
How To Break Fast To Take Probiotics During Fasting

Introduction Of How To Break Fast To Take Probiotics During Fasting

How To Break Fast To Take Probiotics During Fasting. A good time to take a probiotic right because it would have a chance to plant no because it’s going to be exposed to hydrochloric acid and it’s going to break down it’s going to potentially harm the bacteria so taking in a probiotic doesn’t make a lot of sense during that time the other factor that.

Probiotics Are Living Organisms

We have to look at is probiotics need something to help them grow probiotics are living organisms right so they need to have something come in that they can feed on so in theory you would have to eat something for those probiotics to kind of do their job to a degree because the goal is you take a probiotic it sits in your gut for a little bit and it slowly kind of you know does its thing releases the microbes and then you bring some food in and you get a chance to break it down there was an interesting study.

That demonstrated that if you took probiotics 30 minutes after a meal a lot of the probiotic benefit was destroyed why because in the same vein when you consume food and take a probiotic along with that food well what happens it forces the probiotic to stick in the gut longer with the digesting food and it harms the bacteria so it’s a very delicate thing so this interesting study that I’ve talked about before that was published in gastroenterology it demonstrated that right when you start a fast and like.

The first part of fast gut motility slows down where I was mentioning the kinds of foods you start a fast with can dictate a lot of things. They get a chance to stick in your gut longer so what you eat before you start a fast is going to have the biggest impact because it stays in your gut longer. After all, digestion slows down this is good and bad if you eat garbage it’s going to stick in your gut longer if you eat good things it’s going to stick in your gut longer so ideally.

Probiotic Have The Best Potential

What you’d want to do is you’d want to be taking a probiotic along with that meal, you want to go with that meal so that the strains within the probiotic have the best potential to do their job during a fast, but you don’t want to take it right with the meal so, in essence, you want to take a probiotic 30 minutes before your last meal of the day before starting a fast by the way the recommended probiotic that I would talk about since I know you’re going to ask is one called seed and I don’t recommend a lot of probiotics.

I usually recommend doing what you can with your diet and fiber but the seed is a pretty revolutionary company and they’re doing some pretty cool things they have something called a symbiotic which combines a probiotic in a prebiotic and has a capsule inside of a capsule so if you look at it there’s one part that has the bacteria that opens up a little quicker and another part that opens up a little bit later so it’s ideally going to be better staging so very very good probiotic if you’re looking for one to take that works with an intermittent fasting lifestyle.

They are a supporter of this channel and I thank them for that because they allow everyone on this channel that’s watching this video to save 15 where you can save 15 by using code Thomas 15 you could also make a very solid argument that you could get more benefit out of your fast by planting it with high fiber and potentially a good probiotic first and the reason that I say that is there is an interesting study that was published in the national academy of sciences of America that found that bacteroidetes which is a strain of bacteria.

We Started Our Fast By Having A Probiotic

That is largely associated with good metabolism and good just overall body composition seems to independently elevate during a fasted period especially if there is good diversity so bacteroidetes seems to respond well to a diverse microbiome so if we have demonstrated through this one study that okay fasting seems to elevate bacteroidetes that’s already good plus we know that bacteroidetes thrives with diverse foods well then that’s an interesting thing right so if we started our fast by having a probiotic before our meal and then. You Can Also Read How To Eat More Calories To Build Up Muscles And Fats.

We ate a good amount of fiber then we allow the probiotic to sort of do its thing and allow it to potentially flourish and allow potentially will benefit Bacteroides levels again somewhat of a hypothesis by piecing different studies together but that’s what this channel is about it’s about forward thinking and looking at all the different research so very intriguing stuff because if you look at the research with Bacteroides it’s associated with better lipid metabolism and better glucose metabolism.

To Take A Probiotic During Your Fast Is It Going To Break Your Fast

This is super important during a fast because that means that your body is efficiently creating energy it’s not the end-all be-all but it’s a connection that we need to look at so what happens if you were to take a probiotic during your fast is it going to break your fast is it going to ruin things it’s not going to ruin things it comes down to being a little bit more of a waste of money because you’re probably not getting the full effect and colonization that you would be looking for but.

What about after you break your fast is that a good time to take a probiotic I would say you’d want to take a probiotic after your first or second meal upon breaking a fast I would not recommend taking it right with that meal and the reason is is thatght when you break a fast you’re going to have a surge of hydrochloric acid that’s going to kind of come as like an alarming shock response to the body it’s going to say wait a minute there’s food whoosh let’s run in probably a good time to not take a probiotic.

Probiotic High Fiber

Because you run the risk of it just getting lost in the shuffle you want to kind of plant some food in there and depending on the length of the fast you have to remember that during a fast your whole biome shifts a little bit and it shifts because the bacteria has no choice but to run on basically glycans that are available from just your mucus and everything like that it sounds nasty but your gut mucosal layer so the long and short of it is you don’t get much benefit there.

But if you waited for like two meals after you break your fast you have enough fiber and enough things in there to potentially support what you take from a probiotic I’m just trying to save you money so you don’t waste a probiotic but anyway that’s to break it down probiotic high fiber then start your fast break your fast eat a regular meal then implement probiotics again as always keep it locked.