How To Eat More Calories To Build Up Muscles And Fats

How To Eat More Calories To Build Up Muscles And Fats
How To Eat More Calories To Build Up Muscles And Fats

Introduction Of How To Eat More Calories To Build Up Muscles And Fats

How To Eat More Calories To Build Up Muscles And Fats. Does a caloric surplus matter for building muscle like does consuming more calories build more muscle or do you need to have just a slight caloric surplus to send a signal to build muscle let’s break it down a lot of it comes down to just independent timing like.

Slight Caloric Surplus

What does it look like at one very particular moment if you are in a surplus right this second then you’re probably having some anabolic signaling happening right this second but if three hours from now you’re technically in a deficit does that mean that you’re burning muscle well it could be it’s always checks and balances of how many periodic surpluses can.

We are in and how many periodic deficits can we be in by leading up to the end of a week or the end of a month we need to have slightly more surplus periods than we do deficit periods if we look at it just as the simple aggregate of how many calories that we consume in a day or how many calories we consume in a week it gets muddied because a surplus at a certain point in time is going to do a different thing within.

Those Calories Are Going To Come In And Help Me Build Muscle

The body than a surplus at a different point in time if I’m in a surplus when my body is rebuilding from a workout there’s a good chance those calories are going to come in and help me build muscle but if I’m in a surplus at a time where I’ve been very sedentary don’t have any anabolic signaling then I’ll build fat right anyhow let’s break it down a little bit more because.

There are some really interesting studies one, in particular, was published in the journal of human kinetics before I get into that after this video check out thrive market if you’re bulking or cutting whatever I think you’ll get a big kick out of thriving market because they make it so you don’t have to go to the grocery store you can get all your foods delivered to your doorstep so when it comes down to like your carbohydrate sources everything like that or your keto sources if you’re doing that or if you’re intermittent fasting.

Group Of People That Are Consuming Like 6000 Calories

Whatever the case may be they are super convenient don’t have to go to the grocery store it’s delivered to your doorstep they’ve been a supporter of this channel for a long time and you can sort by whatever kind of dietary pattern you’re doing keto paleo fasting whatever makes it that easily let’s take a look at one group of people that are consuming like 6 000 calories at 200 pounds weighing 200 pounds consuming like 6 000 calories another group that’s consuming 4 500 calories at 200 pounds.

Now granted it was broken down in the metric but I’m simplifying it here and they said let’s have them resistance train six days a week for four weeks well they certainly found at the end of the four weeks that the group that ate 6 000 calories versus 4 500 calories they ended up putting on more muscle they had a 2.7 percent increase in muscle mass compared to a 1.1 increase in muscle mass so if you stopped right there and you looked at that you’d say yes absolutely more calories equal more muscle that makes sense. You Can Also Read New 2022 Beginners Keto Tips And Tricks You Need To Know.

But when you look a little bit further you also see oh well the 6 000 calorie group gained 7.4 percent fat and the 4 500 calorie group only gained had an increase of 0.8 percent fat now muscle is still muscle at the end of the day the higher calorie group built more muscle so if you were after just flat out how much muscle can you put on in the shortest amount of time more calories will get you there but you also have to factor in where the line of diminishing return is because of how much fat you’re putting on too.

Caloric Surplus To Have An Anabolic Signal

If you put that fat on it’s going to be increasingly difficult to maintain your muscle mass when you peel that fat off we have to remember that when we drop weight when we cut weight we a lot of times put ourselves into a deficit where our body from an energy preservation standpoint will break down muscle too so we have to get kind of granular about that so then you ask yourself if I put on a lot of fat what is my risk that I’m going to end up losing a lot of that muscle in the process now the other side of the equation too is as you get more fat on you.

You’re going to have more inflammatory cytokines which inhibit anabolic signaling they make it so that once you have more fat on you it’s harder to put muscle on so at some certain point you have to draw a line with what kind of fat content you’re willing to have on to build muscle the long and the short of it is you can stay very lean even get leaner while trying to put on muscle if you have things timed right the signaling and the surplus need to happen periodically.

You need to put yourself into a caloric surplus to have an anabolic signal but remember that that caloric surplus doesn’t need to be measured over 24 hours you can have specific timing of meals say post-workout things like that where maybe you’re having an abundance of calories at that point it’s all about signaling how you signal mtor mammalian target of rap myosin again the study is clear more calories are going to put more muscle on you but that’s not a very holistic way of looking at it there’s a lot of people out.

Anabolic Signaling

There is even Greg Doucette who you know some of you follow him too like he’s a big believer in staying lean in the offseason as a bodybuilder it just makes a lot of sense Greg and I you know yes sometimes we have a little bit of you know our things but at the end of the day we get along quite well and we have talked to each other offline anyway the point is is people think that we oppose each other on a lot of things i fully agree with his stance on this right so if we stay lean we have better anabolic signaling if we stay lean then we can do more with the calories that we take in so staying lean year round is probably a better way holistically to build muscle.