New 2022 Beginners Keto Tips And Tricks You Need To Know

New 2022 Beginners Keto Tips And Tricks You Need To Know
New 2022 Beginners Keto Tips And Tricks You Need To Know

Introduction Of New 2022 Beginners Keto Tips And Tricks You Need To Know

New 2022 Beginners Keto Tips And Tricks You Need To Know. How to use fat and to a certain extent that’s true but when you get started you’re better off to keep it relatively low fat and the reason is that it takes time for the mitochondrial machinery to build up it takes time for the body to learn how to use a bunch of fats so at first if you just load a bunch of fats into your diet it.

The Ketogenic Diet

Backfires you don’t have the bile production to digestively deal with that just yet so it takes a little bit of time in that you also have to factor in that you have certain things in your body receptor proteins like par alpha is what allows you to get adapted to using fats par alpha is only activated by fats that are liberated from our tissue if we are constantly loading ourselves with dietary fat.

We never get an opportunity to liberate the stored fat and activate the fat adaptation molecules that allow us to get the most out of the ketogenic diet in the first place so during your first week of keto keep it relatively high protein and a moderate amount of fat I would usually say in a macronutrient range of maybe 50 fat 40 protein and 10 fibrous carbs moving on to the next speaking of how much fat you should be having.

When you’re first starting keto don’t worry about your ketone levels when you’re starting keto everything’s going to be thrown out the window any way you’re going to notice that your ketone levels are extraordinarily high right when you start if you’re using those little urine strips you’re going to notice that you’re registering a lot of ketones but you might get disappointed that three four weeks down.

Measuring Your Blood Ketones

The line that dramatically changes and you don’t register any ketones that’s because a lot of times ketones are just measuring your excess amount of ketones, especially in the urine now if you’re measuring your blood ketones it can be a little bit different it’s still important but at the same time ketones do not mean fat loss so you don’t automatically increase your amount of fat loss just because you have more ketones you could pound a bunch of MCT oil eats a bunch of coconut oil drink some olive oil and skyrocket your ketone levels.

But it doesn’t mean that you’re burning fat it just means you’re producing and manufacturing ketones via what’s called ketogenesis so remember that fat loss at the end of the day is going to come from your body using your fat to create ketones so don’t be afraid if your ketone levels aren’t super high it doesn’t matter next one is don’t be freaked out about doing any kind of high intensity exercise it’s not going to break things it’s not going to mess things up you might find.

That you end up having a little bit less performance at first but it’s a really important beginner tip to know that you should still go about your training the same way you normally would don’t try to abruptly change anything don’t make any drastic changes cardio is still going to be best for fat loss weight training is still going to be best for building muscle and weight training is going to allow your body to become very efficient at using both glucose and fats for fuel so I see way too many people.

Starting Keto

That get concerned and they overthink it don’t overthink it go about business as usual and especially when you’re starting keto maybe do a little bit more of low-intensity cardio so you can get your body a little bit more used to oxidizing those fats the next one you don’t want to be overly concerned with protein people are going to tell you that you shouldn’t be consuming a bunch of protein on keto it’s the opposite here’s the deal protein is.

What is called insulinogenic it does spike insulin but it doesn’t spike your insulin in the same way carbohydrates do it does not kick you out of ketosis extra protein does not get converted into glucose and even the amount that it does it’s such a negligible amount most of what gets converted into glucose is going to be the backbone of a fatty acid what that means is when you’re breaking down fats as a fuel source the glycerin backbone ends up going to the liver and gets converted into glucose so. You Can Also Read Do You Know Top Causes Of Leptin Resistance And Visceral Fat.

It’s not kicking you out of keto protein is still going to contribute to tissue repair you would have to overconsume protein to the nth degree to ever have it kick you out of keto so much so that kicking you out of keto wouldn’t even be the big problem the problem would be how many calories you’re getting from protein at that rate so at the end of the day I would rather you have more protein than have more fats so load up on the protein shakes load up on the chicken breast load up on the salmon.

Keto You Lose Some Ability To Process Carbs

The good healthy stuff and enjoy it it’s only going to help you another thing that you might want to do is if you are doing keto just when it comes down to high-quality meat grass-fed grass-finished beef good chicken really good wild-caught fish just awesome stuff delivered right to your doorstep butcher bucks is the jam it gets delivered to your doorstep so you don’t have to go to the grocery store but grass-fed grass finish so you’re getting the omega-3 content.

It is delicious and utterly amazing so again link down below and check them out now I want to talk a little bit about creatine is not just good for you to know performance obviously like when you are doing keto you lose some ability to process carbs you’re not as efficient at glycolysis which means that you’re not going to feel the same way weight training or doing high-intensity work as you would like nor narrowly right so what you want to do is have small amounts like 2 grams of creatine and that’s going to help you use a different energy pathway to maintain your strength.

But it’s also a powerful nootropic because we also produce ATP in the brain and need creatine for brain function the ketogenic protocol is already amazing for brain function when you add creatine into the mix with the already nootropic effect of keto as is it makes you that much smarter you might get weak you might feel kind of lame in the beginning right well.

Nutrition And Metabolism

There was a study that was published in the journal Nutrition and metabolism that demonstrated that it’s usually the lack of replenishment of sodium and other electrolytes that lead to people feeling the way that they do early stages of a ketogenic diet so what that means is that when you first start keto you can expect your body to excrete extra electrolytes insulin levels drop which means you’re going to lose extra water that’s kind of commonly known by every expert on youtube of course but what ends up happening is.

When that happens you’re also excreting sodium and by replenishing electrolytes you’re helping the nerve firing some of the issues you feel in terms of fatigue and sort of neurological just discomfort comes from the fact that you’re not able to send a signal your brain synth uses sodium right sodium sends a signal from an action potential down a nerve and what happens is potassium pulls sort of this sodium back and then releases the sodium back into the cell to allow the property transfer proper transfer of energy excuse me so.

When you have a lack of any one of those particularly in sodium you’re not able to have that action potential to get to where it’s going you must replenish electrolytes and I don’t necessarily mean you have to sip on an electrolyte product or anything like that I think it tastes good and it’s beneficial but just by making sure you get enough salt enough potassium magnesium in your diet and don’t be afraid of salt it’s a beginner tip that I wish I knew 10 years ago.

Weight Loss Transformation

When I was going through my weight loss transformation I tried to cut a lot of the salt out because back in that day there weren’t even a lot of delicious keto foods like there are today so I was eating close to the earth and that means I was also in control of how much salt I would put on things so I wouldn’t put salt and then I would realize I’d get fatigued so the point is you want to do that it makes a big difference don’t be afraid to salt your lemons than the diversity of foods and micronutrients matter.

They do you’ve probably heard of people talking about carnivores and things like that and I’m not opposed to that but there’s a difference between doing a very strict carnivore approach and doing a ketogenic diet where you are trying to get a wide variety carnivore works because it is exceptionally exclusive you are excluding everything out of the diet to the point where you go down to such a basic protocol your body up regulates different processes but there is no gray area you are worse off doing carnivore with a smidgen of a couple of things here and there than.

You would be just saying I’m not gonna do carnivore I’m just gonna do a strict keto diet strict keto should look like a full spectrum wide variety of foods this is unbelievably important for your gut microbiome as you start a ketogenic diet you will have a negative shift in your microbiome for the first two to three weeks then it rebuilds and studies have demonstrated after six months a properly crafted ketogenic diet is going to lend itself to a higher a larger amount of different species within your gut it improves gut microbiome diversity later on.

If you stick with it but if you are not getting adequate micronutrients and adequate soluble fiber and adequate fiber in general you cannot allow the bacteria within your gut to proliferate I’ve talked about this in other videos before but it is so important that you get enough fiber to allow short chain fatty acid production to occur I can assure you at least personal guarantee with that is that you will see that your ketone levels improve you will see that fatty acid oxidation improves because.

When You First Start Cycling In And Out Of Keto

There is so much evidence showing that an abundance of short chain fatty acids from high amounts of flax high amounts of chia artichoke asparagus things like that chicory root even inulin psyllium husk all those things add them and do not be afraid of the fiber it’s not going to hurt you it’s only going to help you and lean into the soluble fiber whenever you can because those short chain fatty acids that it produce can help you deal with glucose better and help you deal with fat better.

It’s just what you want to do the next one is you have to commit for a few months when you first start cycling in and out of keto which I’m a big fan of but you have to commit for a few months first before you can embark on that kind of stuff if you jump in and start doing keto cycling you’re not going to have the fat adaptation yet to allow yourself to process both fuels properly your body’s preferentially going to want to use glucose so it’s going to keep jumping back to glucose.

You have to give yourself enough period to get fat adapted and that usually takes I don’t know two to three months you see you have a level of what is called mitochondrial biogenesis but also when your body is getting fat adapted it takes five to six life cycles of your mitochondria before it establishes new abilities to use fat so if you started keto today next week you would have some new mitochondria formed and they would have their new genetic ability to deal with fats slightly better but then.

Generation Of Mitochondria That’s

Those mitochondria are going to die off in another one to two weeks and go through another life cycle and you’re gonna have those that next generation of mitochondria that’s even a little bit more fat adapted and then it generationally continues until you’ve reached equilibrium at about five to six half-lives so that ends up being anywhere from five to ten weeks before you’re fully fat adapted that’s when you can start messing around with adding carbs into the mix so don’t jump into it too early but my point in saying.

That is you have to give it the gi try for 60 or 90 days you have to because that’s when the benefits start kicking in there is an absolute period where you might feel like dog crud as you’re getting adjusted you’ll be fine the next tip you need to know and this is something that schedules your cheat meals seriously it messes you up and it creates an emotional attachment to your cheat meal I was 100 pounds like 110 pounds overweight before cheat meals are but when you start scheduling them.

You create this emotional relationship with them and you want to make sure that you are not just establishing this consistent reminder that it’s to like reward yourself with food it is to reward yourself with food but you don’t want to like have that ingrained in your mind have a cheat meal and make it count make it something that’s going to be worthwhile but make it kind of impromptu you don’t want to sit there and you don’t want to like think about what your cheat meal is going to be sometimes it’s better just to let it be a random thing that you consume.