30 Days Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Challenge 2022

30 Days Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Challenge 2022
30 Days Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Challenge 2022

Introduction Of 30 Days Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Challenge 2022

30 Days Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Challenge 2022. If they maintained normal calorie level they would maintain weight yet a lot of their biomarkers like insulin sensitivity and all the stuff would improve so we’re looking at this from yes a general just wellness standpoint but we’re also looking at it if we reduce the baseline calories a tiny bit this can also be a very effective fat loss tool.

First Thing In The Morning On A Non-Fasting 175 Day

So you’ll see as we go through how it all makes sense so let’s go ahead and jump in so first thing in the morning on a non-fasting 175 day you’re gonna do apple cider vinegar plus one half teaspoon of turmeric and a half teaspoon of ginger this helps ppa our alpha helps you get a little bit more fat adapted then shortly after that you can have your coffee you can have a black coffee black tea whatever you want i just want you to be working out or doing cardio in a fasted state i would prefer.

That your higher calorie days your non-fasting days actually be your cardio days and i prefer that your fasting days be your lifting days or your strength days because the strength days are going to activate the muscle in a way where it’s going to allow it to preserve better you’re better off doing cardio on a day where you’re eating so meal number one is technically kind of two meals kind of smooshed together with a little bit of time so right after your workout or your cardio 30 minutes post workout one scoop of protein plus almond milk.

We’re not adding carbs with this particular meal this is just to essentially break your fast your overnight fast after your workout with just a simple protein shake i’m not going to get really like nitty gritty with what protein i want you to use typically recommend using a pea protein powder but you can use whey doing this challenge with me in the first place then 15 minutes after you have that protein it’s kind of crazy to see me recommending carbs in this case right well i wanted this to be sustainable for everybody.

Diced Into It Spice It Up Make It Breakfasty

It’s kind of a quote unquote targeted carb cycling approach so we have eight ounces of red potato you can make it into a hash you can grate it you can smash it whatever just a red potato spice it however the heck you want six ounces of lean chicken now i would recommend you make a hash where you like kind of grate the potato add some chicken that’s diced into it spice it up make it breakfasty two cups of sauteed spinach one tablespoon of avocado oil minimal amount of oil here remember i don’t like to combine a lot of fats and carbs together.

So that’s kind of the idea there but we still need something to saute the spinach with and i want the avocado oil because that’s at least going to help out with what’s called oleo ethanolamine oea which helps you out a lot with like uncoupling and brown fat activation some fun nerdy stuff uh half a cup of raspberries or strawberries raspberries have specific tannins in them that actually are amylase inhibitors so make it so you don’t process as much of the carbohydrates in them as much as you normally would so it’s kind of nice you get kind of a free food there now remember.

How i said i don’t like combining fats and carbs a whole lot well that’s exactly i need to get your calories up on this day the point is we’re going relatively high calorie this day so that we can go very low calorie this day and alternate but in order to do that i have to get your calories up somehow so i need you to get some fats in there so i recommend two ounces of macadamia nuts or two ounces of peeling nuts if you can get your hands on them but you notice how i have you wait 15 minutes after you complete this meal.

Makes Breakfast Be Like Close To 900 Calories

I know it spreads the meal out but if you were hitting the road for work you could eat this meal and then grab the macadamia nuts and eat them in the car on the way to work or something it’s no excuse why you can’t do that there’s no time excuse whatsoever i’m a busy person i can make that kind of thing happen so that makes breakfast be like close to 900 calories if you add it all up i know that if you are a much smaller person you may want to reduce this a little bit and bring these calorie counts down to like six seven hundred.

But hear me out on this it’s all gonna make sense meal number two in fact this stays nice because you get to just kind of splurge and eat quite a bit because the next day you’re fasting quite a bit meal number two nine ounces lean ground beef or ground chicken you can do ground turkey but i like ground chicken it’s a little bit cleaner usually two times coconut wraps i’ll show some b-roll of what these look like you can get them at thrive market i also found some at walmart in my last grocery haul there easy coconut wraps.

That you can use they’re like low carb wraps if you can’t get your hands on those uh you could use a form of keto bread you could use some jicama wraps i just wanted you to make some kind of like sandwich or or burger kind of thing with this uh if you just put the ground beef in like a coconut wrap it’s delicious one and a half cups of mixed greens want you to have a salad with three tablespoons of dressing do not have soybean oil try to avoid canola oil and try to avoid good old sunflower oil if you can find dressings.

The Soybean Oil And One Hard-Boiled Egg

That have avocado oil or olive oil again thrive market has a ton of  if you want to use any of the primal kitchen brand which is made with avocado oil just do not recommend getting the soybean oil and one hard-boiled egg so you see here we’re kind of making a cobb salad that dressing brings up the calories quite a bit we’re looking between 600-700 calories with this meal it doesn’t look like it but it is you see how calories add up right again drop it down a little bit to 3 400 if you’re on the lighter side optional snack.

I put this here because if you’re just getting used to this this might seem like you’re just used to eating more it’s all good totally optional you don’t have to have it here it’s a 300 calorie snack six ounces of organic pasture raised cottage cheese so i would recommend good culture brand there or half an avocado plus one scoop of protein or two chomp sticks and one ounce of macadamias that’s a really like thrifty nifty on the go snack there dinner this is where we have some fun with this you can have a little bit of creativity. You Can Also Read How To Break Fast To Take Probiotics During Fasting.

You can you know kind of change it up a little bit if you want but i want you to follow these general rules so no later than 7 p.m 7 p.m you’re cut off i prefer if you even ate sooner we don’t want to be eating after dark generally six to seven ounces of wild caught salmon or chicken thigh without the skin normally i recommend leaner chicken because a lot of times the toxins and all the i don’t know crud that you put in chicken it stores in the fat but if you go with a good good quality organic chicken thigh without the skin.

Those Fat Calories

You’ll be i just want to get those fat calories up a tiny bit one cup of cauliflower stir-fry trader joe’s makes a really good one or you can find all kinds of different brands there’s a brand called kevin’s they sell it at sprouts they sell i see that all the time or you can make your own with some peppers a small amount of peas because yes there’s some carbs in them small amount of carrots just you know whatever you might put in a little stir fry just don’t go overboard try not to go more than like 15 grams of carbs.

There remember we’re not keto we go over a little bit two tablespoons of coconut oil or ghee that you’re mixing up with that stir fry and then one cup of one of the following broccoli bok choy or chard or any real kind of deep leafy green would be baby kale stuff like that then after you finish that meal you go straight into your fast so now we’re going to scoot over over here to our fast as well our alternate day fasting day so this is heavy amount of calories here which seems crazy fast we’re not fasting every day.

We’re feasting and fasting so in this case still start your day with acv plus some turmeric some ginger along in some water and then this time i want you to add a tiny dash of cayenne if you can handle it otherwise take a cayenne capsule your workout needs to be strength oriented this time and the reason is is because that way we are locally activating mtor so the body doesn’t catabolize you don’t waste muscle when you work out you waste muscle when you don’t use it and you lose it keep tension on the muscle so in a day.

What Are Approved During A Fast Now Granted The List

Where you’re not eating you’re actually going to stimulate more growth hormone production by activating the muscle and getting some mild to moderate even intense strength training exercise you can go a little easier on the cardio today assuming you did halfway decent on it yesterday if you work out in the am that’s totally fine have it after your coffee but i would recommend you use electrolytes during your morning workout just to help kind of stabilize blood electrolyte levels if you work out in the afternoon your best bet.

If you can make it happen would be to work out at the end of your fast right before you break it because it’s going to make it so that when you do break your fast you’re also breaking it at the end of the workout which means your cells are going to suck that stuff up right these are what are approved during a fast now granted the list goes on and on and on.

But making it simple black coffee is totally fine you can even add some spices to it make it taste different stevia is totally fine matcha black tea totally good to go against stevia monk fruit good to go apple cider vinegar good to go you can sip on it throughout the fast if you want element brand electrolytes elements really the one that i approve of you can use different electrolytes by all means i really like them because i like their flavors if you get too hungry because you’re not adapted to this.

Which can happen but don’t be fooled a lot of times it’s psychosomatic a little bit of bone broth i recommend either fond brand or kettle and fire both of them are delicious fond is a little bit more culinary oriented kettle and fire’s a little bit more ingredient kind of oriented so i just recommend either one of those they just taste or you can make your own or two tablespoons of coconut oil that way you still stimulate ppar and get your body fat adapted so it gets the benefit of a fast then 30 minutes prior to breaking the fast now.

You’re going to have two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar if you can do it in some water along with one teaspoon of cinnamon that’s going to help you out with what’s called methyl hydroxychalco and polymer which is an insulin mimicker that helps you metabolize or utilize some more of the nutrients and mimics that insulin right when you break a fast you don’t have this huge insulin spike optional 15 minutes prior to breaking your fast if you like bone broth and if you’re down to just continue to buy it because.

Breaking Your Fast Around 5 P.M

I know it can get pricey if you’re using it all the time one cup of bone broth right before breaking your fast is actually very great for the gut as far as the mucosal layer goes so right now assuming you’re breaking your fast around 5 p.m i want you to be fasting for 20 to 22 hours so from the time you stopped your dinner you took your last bite to now it should be 20 or 22 hours so 7 p.m to 5 p.m or you know whatever something within there 7 p.m to 3 p.m however you orient it to work with your schedule so you’re gonna have one scoop of protein plus one scoop of collagen.

I don’t care what brand of collagen you use as long as it doesn’t have a sucralose or aspartame or any artificial sweeteners in there vital proteins is good perfect keto is delicious and great unflavored collagen thrive market also has just a smorgasbord government i’ll put them in the list and then if you don’t want to do that you can do five ounces of lean poultry try to stay away from beef during this breakfast meal because we just want lean protein that’s going to absorb quick keep it super clean and lean and simple 60 minutes later.

You have your meal the nice thing is because we have done so much fasting today you have a lot of flexibility i gave you macronutrients to follow for this one have fun i’m not going to tell you what you can and can’t eat i think you know by now soybean oil hydrogenated crap like that keep it out so 40 to 55 grams of protein 40 grams of fat less than 25 grams of carbs fiber goal is 10 to 15 grams as long as it’s with falling within this carb content and then use mediterranean spices as an afterthought just because

Fasting Period

They’re going to help you get meta they’re going to help you get fat adapted and get more out of your fasting period once you finish this meal you’re shutting it down baby you’re shutting it down all the way until this time again very clear lines of delineation between when you eat and when you don’t eat that is what we are learning here feasting fasting on off a quick touch on the supplements that you can use ones i recommend you use and then optional additional on the 175 day 2500 ius of vitamin d with lunch now.

If you already take vitamin d at a higher level continue to take what you take 300 milligrams of coenzyme q10 right after dinner a probiotic if you take one i wanted to suggest you take it 30 minutes pre-dinner don’t take it after dinner when all your stomach acids are there and when you’re having to sit and just having to sit there with a bunch of food in the hydrochloric acid of your gut breaking down four to five hundred milligrams of magnesium i recommend dye magnesium melate it’s a slower breakdown element have one pack after dinner that way you can sip on it restore your electrolytes.