Do You Know About Ketosis Causing Oxidative Damage

Do You Know About Ketosis Causing Oxidative Damage
Do You Know About Ketosis Causing Oxidative Damage

Introduction Of Do You Know About Ketosis Causing Oxidative Damage

Do You Know About Ketosis Causing Oxidative Damage? We’re always about trying to get oxidative stress as a means to be able to adapt now take a closer look at this chart you notice that the oxidative stress in this case from hydrogen peroxide that occurs during the first few days of a ketogenic diet well it goes down rather rapidly it starts coming down after a few days.

The Ketogenic Diet Oxidative Stress

When you look at the full study after a month on the ketogenic diet oxidative stress is down 25 percent what the heck does that mean well we have to learn something about the hormetic curve and what we are truly after with the ketogenic diet and honestly what we’re after with that kind of any diet the ketogenic diet sends starvation signals which are highly stressful to the body but they’re stressful not just because our body thinks we’re starving they’re stressed because our body has no choice but to create a bunch of oxidative stress.

Because it’s like whoa what’s going on here and then our bodies create more natural antioxidants to deal with it making us more resilient it is fascinating to let me explain how it works but also how you can maximize and get the most out of it so you don’t just start the ketogenic diet get the benefit and then go along your merry way we want continual benefits at is red light therapy which sounds so wild but speaking of oxidative stress.

It’s the same kind of thing red light therapy can trigger a cell to create more energy and more efficiency via similar cytochrome pathways so what that simply means is if you’ve heard of red light therapy it’s all about maximizing how the mitochondria can work you see it in gyms now you see it in different salons where they have red light therapy beds well juve makes it so that you can have it on the go so their Juve go is a small portable device and now they’ve advanced their technology.

The Same Kind Of Thing Applies Nutritionally The Ketogenic Diet

So you don’t have to hold the device super close to your body you can hold it like four times further than you used to be able to and it also has near infrared capabilities as well so you get near infrared benefits but also the red light therapy benefits when you go work out you blast your body with a bunch of stressors and that’s kind of a given we tend to think of the stressors as like oh we break down our muscle fibers and they build back stronger but no at a cellular level.

We are exhausting a cell and it has so much bombardment of like just oxidative stress that the main adaptation is your body up regulating the ability to deal with that stress that’s why you get better and better and better each time you beat yourself up in the gym same kind of thing applies nutritionally the ketogenic diet is a stressor so this study that I’ve been referencing which was published in the journal Neurobiology of disease takes a look specifically at. You Can Also Read Do You Know Vitamins Hurting Your Gut Microbiome Or Help.

How the body adapts to well this ketogenic stressor and we see that hydrogen peroxide goes down a little bit after a ketogenic diet well it’s not the only one you see other oxidative stressors come in it is very inefficient to have you ever wondered why you might get the keto flu well it’s because your body is ruthlessly inefficient and it has no choice but to up regulate these processes to deal with this extra stress well here’s what’s happening when the body adapts so ketones are.

These Things Need To Be Activated Ketones Unlock

What is called a histone deacetylase inhibitor and what that means is it unlocks our genes are normally under like a serious lock and key and when they’re under lock and key we can’t access them as easily and these genes are critical for turning on natural antioxidant capabilities glutathione superoxide dismutase countless others so if our genes are under lock and key it’s like they’re taking a cat nap while these things need to be activated ketones unlock or wake up the genes.

That is what a histone deacetylase inhibitor does so it wakes up the genes so now the genes can rapidly upregulate these antioxidant capabilities specifically foxo which is a master regulator of things like glutathione and superoxide dismutase and some of these other pathways so the point is is that by stressing your body with the ketogenic diet you quickly become adapted to it by allowing genes to become more efficient at upregulating.

These processes within your body so stress from a keto diet is phenomenally good and there are so many studies out there that say ketosis triggers oxidative stress it’s bad that’s like saying going for a run and triggering stress on your body is bad we’re all gonna end up like the guys in wall-e where we’re just sitting in these like floating chairs doing nothing because that’s what science is telling it’s not how it works we should be implementing little bits of stress and the ketogenic diet does.

A Ketogenic Diet It’s A Much More Efficient System

That the other big piece of the equation is over the long term so we get ourselves a short term stressor for a long-term benefit we change how the electron transport chain processes energy normally the electron transport chain creates energy in the cell by taking electrons from food passing it through different gradients and creating a proton gradient that creates an explosion that creates energy that is a very dirty process it takes a lot of fuel and it takes makes a lot of waste it’s like running a just a grody old like ford f-450 like diesel motor like just.

Now when you look at how we create energy on a ketogenic diet it’s a much more efficient system I don’t drive a tesla but I do understand that the energy is quick and the energy is immediate and the connection is immediate that is exactly how I would relate it to a ketogenic diet you’re skipping some of these steps that allow you to create energy much faster and with less emission, it’s not saying that one is necessarily like terrible there’s a practical use for ford f-450 but at the end of the day.

An Intense Workout Under A Ketogenic Load

When we’re looking at how do we get our body running cleaner but then it begs the ketogenic diet becomes very easy because your body’s so efficient and then it’s time to add another stressor in maybe it’s an intense workout under a ketogenic load maybe it’s switching to a different diet the point is the oxidative stress is good and you should be finding ways to stress your body like this you should be finding ways to increase oxidative stress so your body has a way to deal with it but then.

Where is that threshold it’s called the hormetic curve and it does curve you get stress response with benefit and then it curves and then you start losing the benefit and you get diminishing return until finally, you beat yourself up you train so hard or you starve so much or you eat so much of one particular thing that eventually your body’s like I can’t I just can’t deal with this like come on man and it just breaks down so it’s little bits of stress?

It’s like training yourself to get better and better at something you’re not going to jump out of bed and run an ultra marathon today but you might go run three miles today and four miles next week and build yourself up and run an ultra marathon in a couple of years or a year or three weeks.