Do You Know Avoid These 5 Foods After Age 50 Fitness Tips

Do You Know Avoid These 5 Foods After Age 50 Fitness Tips
Do You Know Avoid These 5 Foods After Age 50 Fitness Tips

Introduction Of Do You Know Avoid These 5 Foods After Age 50 Fitness Tips

Do You Know Avoid These 5 Foods After Age 50 Fitness Tips. How Mitochondrial biogenesis works but it’s worth giving a shot if I don’t know you just kind of have that stiffness as I do from being 300 pounds before so it’s one of those things that helps me out with my daily life and it took me again like two three weeks to start feeling it in the morning save you 50 about high glycemic foods is because there’s an interesting study that was published in the journal nature taking.

Life Expectancy And Just Longevity

A look at nematodes we can accelerate a lifespan and we do a lot of studies when it comes down to just life expectancy and just longevity in general anyhow they found that when they impaired their insulin signaling they had an improvement of like 300 percent on their lifespan because they had a reduction in IGF and a reduction in insulin what’s funny is before this study.

We used to look at insulin as potentially something good for longevity because insulin is anabolic it can grow new cells and new tissue we thought maybe this is good for longevity but the reality is when you start looking at the research you find that when you reduce insulin levels you allow for more lifespan and into the research on fo Exo foxo is a transcription factor which means that it is heavily involved in up regulating natural antioxidant production within the body up regulating autophagy.

The High Glycemic Food

This is where our cells recycle and know how to regenerate but also can downregulate nuclear factor kappa b which is associated with inflammation now what is going on with insulin turns out that insulin prevents foxo from getting into the nucleus of a cell this is pretty new stuff so it’s kind of emerging here so the lower our levels of insulin the more the foxo can do its potential longevity you know healthy aging job does this mean that you should never have a spike in insulin no it means.

What I would suggest is to cut out the high glycemic food so you’re not getting crazy high spikes in insulin but more importantly, take one meal out of the day where you cut out carbs I’m not asking you to do anything crazy here if insulin is the preventer of foxo being able to do its longevity job then by just taking one meal out of three per day that you cut out carbohydrates you cut out a third of your insulin spikes thereby allowing one more third opportunity for foxo to do its up regulation of autophagy of antioxidant production all this stuff so very simple effects here.

Number two that you need to avoid is going to be baked goods from the grocery stores and it’s not because of the starches it’s because of the microbial transglutaminase the heck is microbial transglutaminase well it’s everywhere in baked goods because it’s used to stabilize them and it also increases the volume of the food by 10 to 15 so they get more bang for the buck and better margins who could blame them except for the people that care about their health there’s a study that was published in the journal med one.

The Food That We Consume

That found that microbial transglutaminase changes the structure of proteins in our gut from the food that we consume so let’s say you ate some meat or let’s say you just ate the bait good in general and there’s some protein in it well what happens is this microbial transglutaminase breaks down those proteins through a process called cross-linking and it creates new proteins that are emulsifiers now if you’re a veteran of my channel you know that I talk about emulsifiers and how they also emulsify and break down your gut barrier.

The precious barrier that protects our bloodstream and our plasma from the pathogenic bacteria that are hermetically sealed within our gut if we start breaking that down we have an increase in what are called lipopolysaccharides pathogenic bacteria that leak out of the gut and go into the bloodstream this is a problem for anyone in any age but over 50 it’s exceptionally important to pay attention to there’s an interesting study published in the journal Aging and disease that found that as a person ages they store more.

What are called macrophages or white blood cells in their fat tissue specifically their visceral fat in their abdomen well what happens if we have leakage of lipopolysaccharides because our gut barrier is broken down those lipopolysaccharides go into the bloodstream and they get attacked by an even larger army because you are a little bit older you have more macrophages and a larger army which means a larger inflammatory spike which means a larger impact on your body which means more potential for chronic disease and things like?

Pay Attention To As Associated With Inflammation

That we have to pay attention to as associated with inflammation it’s a lot easier to bake goods at home right hang out with your family and bake them yourself you don’t need to go to the store and get this like microbial transglutamized out stuff anyway moving on to the next energy drinks now don’t hate me please I’m not telling you to trash your coffee I’ll tell you right now enjoy your coffee because this study took a look at energy drinks compared to caffeine the journal the American heart association said wait.

We want to make sure that it’s not just caffeine it’s the problem so they looked at energy drinks containing stuff like panics ginseng combined with caffeine combined with all the other stuff and list them off here on the screen, but they compared that to 320 milligrams which is a hefty amount of caffeine and then two hours after consumption they said let’s do an electrocardiogram and they did and they found. You Can Also Read Make A Fasting Drink Recipes for Summer In 2022.

That wait a minute the caffeine group that took the electrocardiogram didn’t have any change in their like qt times or any of their heartbeat or anything like that but the energy drink group had a prolonged what is called qt time so the time between particular kind of voltage recharge on their heart was longer now prolonged qt time means that it takes longer for the heart to recharge in between beats well this could be bad.

Geriatric Cardiology

Because it can trigger an arrhythmia which makes sense why older people over the age of even 40 end up in the emergency room a lot with energy drinks but not necessarily with having six cups of coffee now we’re starting to figure out why but for the matter of aging here’s what’s interesting there’s a study published in the journal of geriatric cardiology that found that it’s pretty normal to have a prolonged qt time as we get older so that means that energy drinks are prolonging.

The qt time energy drinks prolonged qt time getting older prolonged qt time are energy drinks making us biologically or like older got to think about it right maybe it’s best if you’re over 50 to chill out and drink some coffee rather than a pound an energy drink this next one is near and dear to me because I am someone that used to consume a ton of low-quality red meat now I realize it makes more sense to spend a couple more bucks and have a smaller amount and go upmarket with higher quality meat it all has to do with the phosphate content.

So it turns out that phosphate and serum levels of phosphate play a huge role in our aging it has to do with telomeres are like the little plastic caps on the ends of your shoelaces except they’re on the ends of your DNA in a way so they wear down as we get older and eventually our DNA becomes exposed and comes frayed like a freight shoelace that’s hard to do anything with and it’s mutating and it’s creating all these little weird knots so our DNA can have all kinds of different mutations anyway not.

Aging That Found That Higher Levels Of Serum Phosphate

What we want to have well there’s a study of those published in the journal Aging that found that higher levels of serum phosphate seem to be associated with an older biological age meaning someone that is maybe 40 has a biological age of 60 because their bodies breaking down and their telomeres are shorter which is wild now what does it have to do with low-quality meat well low-quality meat tends to have more phosphate in it so if you look at other studies you see that like socially deprived or people.

That is maybe a little bit more in poverty they tend to eat a lot more of those like high phosphate meats and they have higher biological age whereas wealthier people that are eating like high-quality meats and you look at these different like socioeconomic studies they’re not consuming the phosphates they don’t have that same biological age now we’re in a position where we can get higher quality meat for fewer prices more people are starting to pay attention to that I think it’s something to consider going for the higher quality meat maybe consume.

The Processed Foods

A little bit less of it so it’s just more cost effective anyhow I digress moving on to the next one is titanium dioxide now you may not go out to the store purposely seeking titanium dioxide but if you look at the screen right now I’ll show you a few foods that have a ton of it in its look at that chart now I want you to imagine this think of like mentos think of that shiny white coating or think of the icing that’s on like a baked goods anything that has that shiny white is going to be titanium dioxide well

There’s an interesting study published in the journal frontiers of nutrition that showed that titanium allows certain bacteria to create what’s called a biofilm is a good thing in some ways because biofilm allows bacteria to create this protective layer that makes them resistant to death in a lot of ways it’s like they create their own little like force field the problem is as you can imagine in the competitive world of our gut biome that gives them a serious advantage so they can multiply like crazy because.

They’re protected by a biofilm but then you compare that to other bacteria where we should be nice and diverse, especially for good aging and good glucose tolerance fatty acid oxidation also we want nice even diversity in our gut all of a sudden you have this protected species that’s just expanding biofilms can trigger a lot of gut dysbiosis now titanium dioxide not exactly something we’re supposed to be consuming a bunch of so that enhances the problem so once again the processed foods play a big role here when you’re looking at healthy mitochondria when you’re looking at just good centenarians and people that are living for a long period.