Do You Know The Real Truth Of Adrenal Fatigue

Do You Know The Real Truth Of Adrenal Fatigue
Do You Know The Real Truth Of Adrenal Fatigue

Introduction Of Do You Know The Real Truth Of Adrenal Fatigue

Do You Know The Real Truth Of Adrenal Fatigue. The adrenal response is pretty solid most of the clinical evidence out there shows that adrenal fatigue isn’t like so much of a thing as adrenal insufficiency is whereas the adrenals don’t do a good job of pumping out the cortisol in the right amounts of time but a lot of times it doesn’t have to do with the adrenals themselves.

The Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal

It has more to do with the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis which we will go into because some simple things might be affecting that and just dysregulating how your body responds to stress by keeping your cortisol levels elevated a lot of the time hey after this video I want you to check out something called true cava true cava is a very high-quality cava oil.

Now if you’re looking for something that’s going to help potentially boost serotonin help boost a little bit of that GABA that makes you feel a little bit calmer I highly recommend that you try them maybe you’ve heard of cava before but true cava is the third party tested they test every batch it is very very good quality stuff and something that I’ve been using for well since like September of last year and it’s helped me with just coming to grips with a little bit of my like stress and my I don’t know. You Can Also Read Eat Plant Based Keto Snacks Fitness Guide 2022.

I’m kind of a high strung guy as you can probably tell with a lot of my videos sometimes it’s good sometimes it’s bad but I highly recommend that you check out truecava there’s a link down below if you want to see trucava is different the way that they source the way that they use the oil the way that they process it is a whole different ball game the first thing I need to address is a lot of us are adapted to stress already we operate in just a different mode now that means.

Our Brains Are Used To Dealing With The Stress

Our brains are used to dealing with the stress but are our bodies adapted to it no not necessarily our bodies are probably still trying to connect the dots between what’s happening with our brain right but one of the pieces that we forget to look at is the gut biome and how that has a big impact on our hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis there’s one study in particular that I want to reference that sort of illuminated.

The whole concept of this video to begin with it was published in the journal gastroenterology and it took a look at relatively like well just evenly healthy women and it had them consume fermented milk so in this case, it was like yogurt or milk plus some probiotics or they had them no intervention like a control well they found that the group that had the yogurt or the probiotics responded to stress or an emotional task significantly better well what the heck is going on well there are two things.

That is going on and I’m going to give solutions for you this isn’t just informational but I do want you to be able to have a picture painted when our gut biome is more diverse we can send a stronger signal to the brain we have the vagus nerve we connect our gut to our brain and we have this thing called the hypothalamus pituitary adrenal axis so the vagus nerve connects from our gut to our hypothalamus, and then our hypothalamus sends a signal that connects with our pituitary and connects with our adrenals to control.

Process The Proper Adrenal Loads

How much cortisol to put out if we have a dysregulated system with our gut biome being out of whack then what can happen is the signal is weak or sometimes even too strong in pulses to the brain so it’s not able to process the proper adrenal loads not able to process the cortisol levels right so what happens as a natural response the adrenals will default into pumping out cortisol because a lot of times the adrenals would rather play it safe than sorry so chronically high levels of cortisol it doesn’t mean.

That your adrenals are fatigued doesn’t mean that that’s necessarily the case it doesn’t even mean the adrenals are dysfunctional what it means is that the central nervous system is not sending the right signal and the adrenals aren’t necessarily doing anything wrong they’re doing what they’re supposed to do in a response to what seems like could be stressful so it’s like the signal has gotten so weak then there’s another factor that we look in which is inflammation as a whole inflammation is going to impede the signaling of dopamine.

Now dopamine is our effort system we see it as motivation and reward because that’s what it’s talked about all the time but it’s the effort the more dopamine desensitized that we are the more dopamine that we need to stomach the energy to do something that means getting off the couch that means the more that we are exposing ourselves to a stimulus the more that we need in the way of dopamine to get ourselves to do something so that means if we are constantly bombarded with stressful things coming through.

The Inflammatory Response With Interleukin-6

There is a connection between the inflammatory response with interleukin-6 and our gut biome so yes consuming fiber-rich foods that can have that effect but also getting the inflammatory foods out of the system and yes probably putting your phone down from time to time so the dopamine response can come down a little bit but one of the more practical things that we can do is we can do kind of these esoteric things to support the dare I say sort of fringe bacterias that are going to further diversify our bacteria so.

Some studies demonstrate like when you do short bursts of activity short bursts of like interval training that’s going stimulate a lot of lactic acid and lactate production you promote the production of what’s called phthalonella specific bacteria and the world of microbiome research is just kind of vague and foggy anyway but we’re getting to some clear points.

What’s wild is that by inflicting some more stress by doing high-intensity interval training you might allow your gut biome to become more resilient which furthers the signaling, another thing that you can do is by making a radical shift with your diet that’s what I find a lot of people run into they try to change everything else but their diet and I don’t mean change just stop eating the Cheetos or stuff no if you’re doing a ketogenic diet pivot for a little bit and go paleo.

Adrenal Fatigue

If you’re doing paleo pivot for a little bit and go vegetarian or go carnivore or go something not that you have to do it forever but when you look at the gut diversity research you find that it’s all about triggering a change that hormetic response that forces the gut biome to adapt if we have those hundred million nerve cells stimulated differently within our gut from different bacteria and different butyrate producers we can send a different signal to the hypothalamus that can potentially override that adrenal issue.

I am not a doctor i’m some guy on the internet but the evidence is very clear when you look at the journals adrenal fatigue i don’t want to say it doesn’t exist but it’s overplayed because the only way that you could potentially get rid of adrenal fatigue is to cut out coffee and just lay low and relax no one is doing that no one is able to do that no one can quit their job and just start doing.

That it’s not realistic but you can change what you put in your body to affect the gut so that it sends a different signal it starts in the gut so although it’s the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis I would argue more it’s the microbiome vagus hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis.