Eat Plant Based Keto Snacks Fitness Guide 2022

Eat Plant Based Keto Snacks Fitness Guide 2022
Eat Plant Based Keto Snacks Fitness Guide 2022

Introduction Of Eat Plant Based Keto Snacks Fitness Guide 2022

Eat Plant Based Keto Snacks Fitness Guide 2022. The first one I want to talk about is a company called flackers now you don’t have to use flackers I recommend any kind of flax cracker now what’s funny is that flax catches a lot of well flack because they say well it’s going to be estrogenic or sometimes they’ll say it doesn’t have much omega-3 let’s break it down for a minute the omega-3 component of flax is not what I care about and it’s not what you should care about either because there’s only a couple percent.

The Soluble Fiber

It’s just it’s worthless to be able to market it as omega-3 is a joke it’s not what it is the benefit is the unique kind of soluble fiber and I don’t care what you have to say about flax being good bad or ugly it’s the soluble fiber that is doing the magic if you want to call it that there’s a study that’s published in the British journal nutrition took a look at 58 obese women and had them consume 10 grams of flax for 6 weeks after 6 weeks they had a huge change in 33 species of their gut microbiome 33 species had a huge abundance.

That’s crazy as well as improved insulin sensitivity and improved glucose tolerance because as we get more microbial diversity we create more short chain fatty acids we create more ability to process nutrients and metabolize things it’s a no-brainer when you look at how the microbiome works so that’s why flax crackers make the cut plus the microbiome converts a specific component of flax into something called enterolactone and enterolactone is largely correlated with not only good cardiovascular health.

But also correlated with a decrease in all-cause mortality so you have this microbiome effect that comes from flax that is insurmountable when you try to compare it to anything else so sure the omega-3s are not what you get flax for but it’s a great plant-based solution on keto the next one is going to be almond yogurt I recommend kite hill because they seem to have nailed it the best when it comes down to the carb content the thing with almond yogurt is you’re still able to get sort of that probiotic effect that you would get from yogurt may be having as a snack.

Fermented Almond

But without the dairy of course so it’s plant-based but what’s interesting is when you look at the science fermenting the almonds changes the bioenergetics it changes how the mitochondria within what is called our Ontario sites the cells within our gut receive the energy so the fermented almond component favors the energetic metabolism of the enterocytes meaning that it’s very good for your gut so.

It’s a perfect thing to add to the mix so get an unsweetened kind and add some monk fruit or a little vanilla extract and make like a pudding out of it make something that’s a delicious simple plant-based snack that’s not going to skew your ratio but the other interesting thing is that same study had demonstrated that fermented almond beverages or fermented almond, in general, are going to improve iron uptake out of the gut this may sound like something that’s minuscule but for two reasons it’s heavily important one people.

That is doing plant-based typically don’t get enough usable iron secondly even if you are getting enough iron the last place you want it is in your gut because it oxidizes things in your gut and it chelates just like if you were to leave an iron dumbbell out in the weather it would rust and oxidize you don’t want oxidation happening in your gut because it’s going to chelate other good minerals that you want you to want the iron out of the gut in the bloodstream doing its job and going into its spherical ferrous state.

Good Fats Bars

Wherever it needs to go right so that’s another big important reason why having some kind of fermented treat as your snack is very important the next one speaking of treats is getting into more of a sweet category if you’re going to go for a plant-based bar I would recommend the love good fats bars because they’re probably the only one that has nailed a plant-based bar and mainly the benefit that I want to speak to is good quality inulin there’s a study that’s published in journal metabolism.

That took a look at 14 overweight people and gave them a single serving one serving of 24 grams of inulin and it found that after that they had a huge improvement in their short chain fatty acid content meaning their gut biome improved significantly after just one big serving additionally the American journal of clinical nutrition published a study that compared eight grams of inulin versus an eight-gram control malted extreme and they found that the group that consumed the inulin had improvements in satiety to the point. You Can Also Read Do You Know Avoid These 5 Foods After Age 50 Fitness Tips.

Where their food consumption was dramatically less throughout the rest of the day it satiates you and makes you feel full which is all the more reason to enjoy something like that love good fats and use inulin but they also use a bunch of other delicious components that make it completely keto friendly very very low sugar but probably the most ridiculously good tasting delicious bar that’s out there, especially in the plant-based category so this particular one is the chocolate chip cookie dough flavor which is pretty much unheard of because.

Seaweed Snacks Plant-Based

I miss cookie dough when I’m on keto so if you’re plant-based highly recommend that bar and I’ve also been able to secure a little bit of a discount down below in the description using the code thomas20 will save you 20 off any love good fats product whether you want to go their plant-based route or you want to go their traditional route where they have some other delicious flavors that aren’t necessarily plant-based but I’m telling you this stuff is so so good tasting.

Whether you’re plant-based or not the next one on the list is seaweed snacks plant-based or not this is an epic snack with ridiculously low calories so you’re not having this big surge in calories practically no insulin spike because there’s nothing to spike insulin so you’re not getting this glucagon insulin imbalance spike but you’re also getting the iodine that you need to support the thyroid which is very important on a lower carb protocol to make sure.

The thyroid is rocking and keeping your metabolism going but I’m less concerned with the iodine and I’m more focused on what is called fucoxanthin which is a powerful flavonoid there’s a study that’s published in evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine it found that fucoxanthin that you’d find in seaweed helps the beginning of white fat it converts white fat into brown fat via the upregulation or the increase in uncoupling proteins now uncoupling proteins make unusable just unsightly storage white fat into metabolically active brown fat.

Dissipates Calories

That dissipates calories as heat so imagine being able to have white fat which does nothing but sits there or brown fat which dissipates calories that you consume as heat so we want to beige more of that white fat to become browner and fucasanathan has the power to do that all the more reason to be adding this to your plant-based arsenal but in that process, we also improve what’s called beta oxidation so we’re improving and increasing the rate at which fats are utilized as a fuel source we’re oxidizing more fats.

That has been liberated through lipolysis and more fats that are in your bloodstream are now going to get used at the cellular level for energy via what’s called beta oxidation and then to top it all off beta glucans which are a new heavily researched fiber which a specific kind of soluble fiber that has some powerful effects on short chain fatty acids in the gut more to come on that in a different and then last but certainly not least is sacha inchi seeds.

Now trader joe’s has an amazing sacha inchi otherwise it’s a little bit harder to find you usually have to get it on amazon or anything like that now when we circle back to the omega-3 components that I talked about before when I was talking about flax and kind of saying disregard it sacha inchi although it still has the alpha linolenic acid which is not exactly the best omega-3 it has such a high abundance of it you do get a little bit of an omega-3 benefit from it so if you’re trying to kind of balance.

Omega-3S On A Plant-Based Keto Protocol

That and get omega-3s on a plant-based keto protocol it’s a good seed to lean into rather than having like almonds or cashews or anything like that so the sacha inchi if you were to combine it with a little bit of turmeric, enhances the conversion of the alpha linolenic acid into what’s called echocentrinoic or docosahexaenoic acid these are the fats that we want of the omega-3s not.

It the hardly usable in plant-based form so anyhow adding a little turmeric makes a big difference but I think the main component that I like about sacha inchi is it is exceptionally rich in leucine and leucine is the one amino acid that you need that’s the one that’s going to protect your muscles that’s the one that’s going to spare you from muscle protein breakdown.

A lot of nuts and seeds don’t have leucine in them at a high amount of sacha inchi that’s the most prevalent amino so you definitely want to lean into that but it’s also unique because it has more of the sulfur-containing amino which are normally like we don’t usually get the sulfur containing amino we usually have to diversify the different foods that we eat if you’re plant-based to get a complete and total amino profile but because sacha inchi is so unique it’s almost entirely complete but it has the sulfur-containing amino like methionine and tryptophan.

That is harder to get your hands on the first place so it’s as close to a complete protein as you’re going to get with a seed so i highly recommend it for that situation and last but not least within that it also is super high in phytosterols so if you’re consuming a bunch of these fats and you’re concerned with cholesterol well let me tell you with keto you probably shouldn’t be too concerned because.

The body utilizes yada yada different story phytosterols compete with cholesterols for absorption so the more phytosterols that you consume it competes with cholesterols for absorption within the gut thereby limiting how much is getting into the bloodstream so just to recap we have flaxseed crackers.