How You Should Cut Fat Before Try To Build Muscles In 2022

How You Should Cut Fat Before Try To Build Muscles In 2022
How You Should Cut Fat Before Try To Build Muscles In 2022

Introduction Of How You Should Cut Fat Before Try To Build Muscles In 2022

How You Should Cut Fat Before Try To Build Muscles In 2022. A normal weight group and an obese group and it wanted to compare baseline weight and kind of this body mass index and then put them into a weight training situation and who was going to build more muscle and who was going to have better protein synthesis well first of all the obese group their results were so terrible I’m just going to disregard them because it’s just like it’s not practical.

The Normal Group Was Their Body Fat

If you have a little bit of extra love and you’re overweight then you’re probably likely to build muscle a lot of times the obese category does have to trim weight down first so let’s not talk about the biggest difference between the overweight group and the normal group was their body fat percentage 22 in the normal group 29 in the overweight group so then they had them go on a resistance training you know the protocol and they had them consume 170 grams of protein from pork each day they did this.

Because they weren’t we want you to eat the same kind of protein we want to measure this here’s what’s wild their normal basal protein synthesis levels were the same between the normal and the overweight group but if you look at the chart that’s popped up on the screen right now this is where it gets fascinating the overweight group did not respond to consuming a protein-rich meal their protein synthesis did not elevate it did not go up but the lean group had a postprandial response.

The Adipose Tissue Having Extra Fat

When they ate the meat they had protein synthesis so that tells us that somewhere along the lines the anabolic signaling of building muscle is getting disrupted by the adipose tissue having extra fat on the body is somehow impeding the body’s ability to take protein and assemble it the way that it should now another interesting point that we have to look at we’re not just looking at what’s good for building muscle or not we’re looking at overall big picture health too so you have to remember that if the protein is not turning over.

You’re not having the synthesis and it’s not turning over it’s lingering around longer which means it can get oxidized and cause damage within the body so there’s a health component here too we want to keep that protein synthesized and turning over that’s a very important piece now here’s where the science starts to get wild maybe you’ve heard of leptin before leptin is a hormone that is secreted by the fat cells to tell the brain that you know it needs to speed up the metabolism or it’s a communicating signal right well leptin levels are very high in people.

The Fat Cells Affects The Testes

That has well a lot of extra fat on them and eventually, we end up with leptin resistance where the brain is no longer communicating with the leptin because the leptin’s been knocking on the door so much the brain shuts it off well this leptin that is secreted by the fat cells affects the testes so in men it affects the latex cells and makes them so that they don’t produce as much testosterone and it’s a very dose dependent situation a little bit of leptin makes a little less testosterone. You Can Also Read Do You Know The Real Truth Of Adrenal Fatigue.

A lot a bit of leptin makes a lot of less testosterone very dose dependent very clear as day so this is a bigger picture when we look at well a good chunk of building muscle is still associated with testosterone yes there are a ton of other factors growth hormone insulin growth like factor mTOR signaling all this but testosterone is still a fundamental part of building muscle and that seems to crush it a little bit which leads me into kind of another piece the estrogen piece if you have more fat on your body you have more estrogen more of the aromatase enzyme.

A General Piece Of Inflammation

This means that that is going to cancel out some of the testosterone so you have kind of a double whammy effect on that piece but I think the more important one is just a general piece of inflammation there’s a study that’s published in the journal PLoS One and this took a look at subjects that had a low level of interleukin-6 which is an inflammatory cytokine and a baseline higher level of interleukin-6 they found that those that had lower levels of interleukin-6 lower levels of inflammation responded better to resistance training and had better protein synthesis and were able to build more muscle.

Whereas the group that had high inflammation didn’t build as much muscle and then the journal strength and conditioning confirmed this in a women’s study they found hey once again low inflammation equaled more muscle high inflammation not as much this time they correlated with insulin growth like factor and impeding that that’s pretty fascinating and what that tells us is that somehow the inflammation is creating this fuzziness that’s impeding the signaling for protein synthesis if you’re catching my drift here protein synthesis is the most important thing here.

It’s not all about just hormones and everything it’s about how do we take protein from point a to where we want it with point b and when you are overweight you have a lot more inflammatory cytokines c-reactive protein il-6 il-1 beta all of these things by the way with protein synthesis just in case you’re wondering but if you’re looking at building muscle or even cutting.

How Much Fat You Gain After You Cut

They are a tremendous way to get good quality protein delivered to your doorstep so they’ve got really good steaks really good rib eyes really good fish really good chicken just a cool abundance of different meats delivered right to your doorstep and it’s super affordable compared to a lot of grocery stores and it’s all grass-fed grass finished stuff so I put a link down below and there’s a special promo down below that you can utilize that has cuts that I specifically recommend so if you’re wondering what kind of cuts.

It’s super important and it’s going to play a part in how much fat you gain after you cut so look at it like this the microbiome is going to reflect how our body is and there’s a study that was published in the journal Nature that demonstrated that when someone loses weight it takes a while for their microbiome to change so they still have a for lack of a better term overweight person’s microbiome meaning it’s going to be very easy for extra calories to turn to fat because the microbiome is still thinking it’s fat so.

How Much Fat You Gain Do You Build More Muscle Eating More Calories

That’s a big issue especially if you’re trying to build muscle right so if you put on more fat in the process of building muscle when you cut it’s going to be harder to cut because you’re going to have more fat and more of a well fat microbiome if you cut down first then you give yourself a chance to change the microbiome so that when you do go into a caloric surplus to build muscle you’re less likely to store it as much as fat right now here’s the other caveat here’s what’s interesting do you build more muscle flat out.

If you’re not worried about how much fat you gain do you build more muscle eating more calories more or less yes you do here’s the science there was a study published in the journal of human kinetics they took a look at two groups one group consumed 67.5 calories per kilogram of body weight metric conversion that comes out to about a 200 pound person consuming 6000 calories per day the other group consumed 50 calories per kilogram of body weight metric conversion comes out to about a 200 pound person consuming 4 500 calories per day still a lot of calories so they said we’re going to have you weight train?