Make A Fasting Drink Recipes for Summer In 2022

Make A Fasting Drink Recipes for Summer In 2022
Make A Fasting Drink Recipes for Summer In 2022

Introduction Of Make A Fasting Drink Recipes for Summer In 2022

Make A Fasting Drink Recipes for Summer In 2022. It’s hot out you’re fasting you want to enjoy something you want to hang out on the porch sipping on some iced tea or some iced coffee waiting for the day to pass by so it’s time to eat again so I have two quick recipes very simple but very effective but most of all very refreshing for a hot summer day I have an iced tea and then.

A Fasting Sparkling Coffee

I have a fasting sparkling coffee so I’ll lead off with the iced teas this is a very simple yet effective recipe so let’s go ahead and dive in so first off I have 12 ounces of water I want to make it a little bit concentrated so I’ll show you how we do that first thing first I’m going to put just a dash of cinnamon in the water you want to put it in a shaker cup or if you have any kind of you know the equipment to like muddle or anything like that that you would usually do with like drink mixes that’ll work too I’m just gonna do a dash of cinnamon.

But I would say probably about a half a teaspoon the reason we want cinnamon is it’s gonna modulate the cortisol levels a little bit during a fast so especially in the afternoon towards like the end of your fast you want to kind of bring those cortisol levels down but it can also have an effect on mimicking insulin which can even drop your insulin levels potentially lower making it so that when you do break your fast you don’t have as big of an insulin spike which is something.

We tend to try to avoid them simply I’m gonna put the juice of one lemon in there this is purely for digestive benefit now some people can make some other claims surrounding lemons but it’s simple for me it’s digestion but it’s also going to be very refreshing who doesn’t like you know the taste of lemon right here’s where we get kind of interesting we’re gonna add five or six fresh sprigs of thyme now this is where you would normally use like a muddler you try to kind of muddle it in there get a little bit of flavor.


I’m gonna just kind of spring the leaves off a little bit but I want to leave them in big enough chunks so that after I mix it up in the shaker cup or a muddler it doesn’t come filtering into my actual cup of tea the reason that I’m using thyme is a very specific reason and if you’ve watched my videos before I talk about something called par alpha abbreviating what this is all about par alpha is a receptor protein that allows us to get fat adapted means our cells are utilizing fat as a fuel source preferentially instead of glucose a very powerful thing during a fast as.

We want our body to become very efficient at utilizing fat as a fuel source because that’s going to give us more of the benefit of the fast so thyme contains something called his pipeline which is a cool compound you can also get in rosemary you can also get it in sage but I think thyme is a refreshing flavor, especially with the profile that we’re going for here so we’ve already got the lemon we’ve got the cinnamon we’ve got the thyme let me just kind of muddle.

The thyme is in there a little bit I’m just going to kind of push it down again you can do this before you add water too and just kind of get some of the oils out there if you want to you could always use powdered thyme too I find that using sprigs of time and kind of pressing it in there and again using a muddler is going to get you kind of that better you can kind of smash it in there a little bit but I can smash it pretty well I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to use peak tea crystals mint green because mint green is a very refreshing taste.

Ginger Fasting Green Tea

So I’m going to use two packets now these are cool because they are very effective and very refreshing they’re the only tea that is designed for their health benefits so very cool stuff they have different flavors too I like this mint green because it’s refreshing but they also have bergamot which is a cool tea that’s easy on the digestive system that one’s a good one in the morning if you have a sensitive stomach they also have ginger fasting green tea which is cool to aid in digestion and then.

If you’re looking to add some teas in the evening time they have some herbal teas that are caffeine free so they go through a cold crystallization process which means that most of the time they’re soluble in cold water as well as hot so you add them in so it just makes it easy when you’re trying to choose between which flavor you want to go for they also triple toxins screen it so it’s really interesting there and that is that with that then I mix it up and the other thing about peak tea by the way. You Can Also Read The Best Foods For Fasting Top Benefits You Should Know In 2022.

Whatever fasting tea you want to try and I just highly recommend you give it a shot it’s awesome they’re a big supporter of this channel as well have been for a couple of years so thank you peak t for that continued support I don’t know if you guys know dr Jason Fung but dr Jason Fung formulated a lot of these fasting teas which is super cool and all the more reason to be involved.

Monk Fruit’s Going To Break A Fast

Now because I have the sprigs of time in there if you’re using just kind of the budget fashion like I am with the shaker cup and not a muddler you want to kind of leave the lid just kind of crack so you don’t get a bunch of sprigs of time but even still if you do it’s not the end of the world look at that if you wanted to you could add a little bit of monk fruit I would recommend monk fruit over stevia in this particular case just a couple drops a lot of people ask if monk fruit’s going to break a fast it’s so negligible.

I think you’re fine the other thing that people are going to ask a lot is to do the herbs does the like the time break a fast if you ingest a little bit of it depends who you ask the benefit that you were getting from the hispidulous from the actual time is probably going to supersede any like fraction of a calorie that you get that is so crisp it is the combination of the lemon and the cinnamon and then the mint green that makes us one good the neat thing is you could use other flavors like if you wanted to make it caffeine free and have it in the evening time.

You could use one of their herbal teas it’s super fun and just nice to experiment with that okay now there’s another one I’m going to show you for those of you that are coffee lovers maybe it’s a hot summer day and you want to sip on a little coffee one of those balmy mornings I don’t know down south who know okay so in this case.

Mineral Water Break A Fast

I have sparkling waters does mineral water break a fast no mineral water does not break a fast usually doesn’t have anything added to it it’s just water it’s a fun way to be able to get some substance during a fast and coffee and tea as well both can induce autophagy which means you can get a little bit more out of your fast by accelerating that and both the caffeine that you’re going to get from a green tea and coffee are going to help with.

What is called lipolysis that’s the mobilization of fats out of their storage form in the adipose tissue into the free fatty acid form within the bloodstream once they’re in the bloodstream then well they can get converted into ketones or taken up directly by the muscle cell through what’s called beta oxidation which is where you have you guessed it burning fat so first things first let’s go ahead and muddle up a little bit of this mint I want to use fresh mint in this particular case so put at the bottom of my shaker cup.

I’m just going to mash it in there a little bit just to kind of break it open and get some of those mint oils out I don’t know if you’ve ever tried mint coffee but it’s pretty darn cool it has a refreshing taste and cuts some of the bitterness of coffee so muddle that up to gets those oils in there and then now that I have that a little bit smashed I’m going to put some sparkling water in you use topo chico whatever and you’re going to do about four ounces or so of topo chico or mineral water that might be a little more than four ounces.

Keto Recipe

That’s all right and then I’m gonna muddle it up a little bit more so it mixes in with that be careful not to shake it up too much because mineral water foams a lot then I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna add a little bit of my monk fruit ahead of time a couple drops now in this case I’m just using a regular cold brew you could use whatever you won’t just try t an organic fair trade cold brew makes little bit smoother, in this case, we don’t have to add a whole lot I’m going to do this is a 12 ounce can.

I’ll apply about half of it about 6 ounces and then totally up to you you can add the cinnamon but cinnamon in hot coffee tastes good cinnamon and iced coffee are not quite as good now when you shake it remember don’t go crazy don’t go ham on it you just kind of want to gently you’ve already got the mint muddled up ahead of time you don’t need to aggressively shake like I want you to do with the time one gives it a little shake oh that is an awesome look at that oh my gosh it tastes like a cocktail like.

The mint the coffee a little bit of sweetener that’s all you need to it I mean how simple is that but here’s something super cool if you’re not fasting and you maybe want to make it a little keto recipe a little bit of heavy cream in that bad boy look at that get a close-up of how creamy that looks.