The Best And Easy Ways To Break A Fast When You Not At Home

The Best And Easy Ways To Break A Fast When You Not At Home
The Best And Easy Ways To Break A Fast When You Not At Home

Introduction Of The Best And Easy Ways To Break A Fast When You Not At Home

The Best And Easy Ways To Break A Fast When You Not At Home. We’re fasting but we’re all human and we all have lives and we all have to go places so how do you prepare to break a fast when you’re on the go what are some foods you can have laying around or what are some things that you can grab from the store.

You Are Fasting Between Say 16 And 20 Hours

We’re gonna break it all down I’ve got some really easy solutions for you to let’s dive in all right the first one is I’m gonna break these all down by the length of fast too so the ideal foods for a given length of fast pork jerky are really good if you are fasting between say 16 and 20 hours anything over that it’s a little bit hard to digest the reason I prefer pork jerky is because it’s a relatively low saturated fat content so only 2 grams of saturated fat for about a 100-gram serving but we’re still getting all the essential amino acids.

That we need to kick us out of that fast and get us back into muscle building mode or at least just you know making it so we’re not catabolizing and breaking things down anymore now you might be wondering why not beef jerky well for one it has to do with the saturated fat content we typically do want to keep saturated fat levels relatively low because what happens is saturated fat we have such a compressed carbon chain lineup that it makes it very hard to digest to the point where.

We could have what is called lipopolysaccharides leak from the gut into the bloodstream triggering an inflammatory response saturated fats are not bad just right when you break a fast you need to kind of incubate a little bit more fats in there before you bring the saturated fats in but there’s a study that’s published in the journal of food science and technology that found that compared to beef we ended up having quite a bit more thymine and phosphorus in pork and before when you’re fasting it’s not uncommon to have a little bit of a thymine deficiency.

Our Fast We Need To Restore Thiamine Levels

So we need that thymine to come in because it’s going to allow us to metabolize glucose more and it’s required for all kinds of different metabolic functions so if we want to have success later on in our fast we need to restore thiamine levels and we also need to restore phosphorus which you’re going to get out of the pork jerky but not out of the beef jerky not that beef jerky is bad it’s just right when you break a fast you might want to lean into the pork next up is going to be canned sockeye salmon if you’re doing like a 20 to 24 hour fast.

The reason I say sockeye salmon is because you look at canned salmon if you get regular pink or regular salmon it’s going to be very high-fat content I am very very adamant about keeping it as lean as you can a couple of grams of fat is fine especially when it’s coming from the omega-3s which we’ll talk about in just a second but the canned salmon is a perfect on-the-go thing if you can find the sockeye you can get that at a dollar tree usually you can find it places trust me so yes we get the essential amino acids.

That is going to help us out with spiking that mtor getting us out of the fast but also a very high amount of omega-3s so the small number of fats that we are getting are heavily tilted towards the omega-3 side and some studies demonstrate that omega-3s help spike mtor higher in conjunction with protein meaning you’re going to get more protein synthesis meaning when you come out of your fast you’re going to be in a much better situation to start building muscle again even.

A Slightly Longer Fast Anywhere From 20 Hours To 36 Hours

If your goal isn’t to build muscle it should always be a goal to kind of preserve it right also very high in thiamine very little a dense fat very little saturated fat but you also have astaxanthin that powerful antioxidant which is certainly not a bad thing coming out of a fast next up is one if you’re doing a slightly longer fast anywhere from 20 hours to 36 hours you could do for 16 hours too but the reason that I’m leaning a little bit longer is that turkey sticks are going to be a very low saturated fat content so absolutely.

You can break a 16 hour fast with a turkey stick but I’m just trying to say if you’re leaning into a longer fast it’s ideal there plus very rich in thiamine the longer that you fast the more of a thymine deficiency you can run into but what’s kind of cool is when you look at turkey snacks a lot of times they are combined with Mediterranean spices a lot of times you will find oregano sage rosemary things like that because they naturally go well with turkey plus they’re natural preservatives but the reason I like those Mediterranean spices is.

If you just did a longer fast they are going to activate par alpha more what that means is you can potentially prolong the benefits of your fast even after you break the fast I don’t need to go into heavy biochemistry but basically, par is what you’re trying to activate during a fast so Mediterranean spices that are added to like turkey sticks could give you a little bit more of a benefit of the fast after the fast I usually recommend either paleo valley or chomps I’ll put a link down to paleo valley below which brings me into my next one bone broth protein or powdered bone broth.

Literal Breakfast Meal

I love having bone broth right when I break a fast I don’t consider it my literal breakfast meal I consider it what I have right before I break a fast I almost consider it just something that’s almost required if I have it available but if I’m on the go it doesn’t work I can’t bring a jug of bone broth with me so there are bone broth powders and there are bone broth proteins that are out.

They’re the one that I would typically recommend is from again the company called paleo valley because they have a really good grass-fed grass-finished protein bone broth powder so literally all that it is is grass-fed grass-finished bones and water so there are no hormones no antibiotics nothing like that super clean so that way if you’re on the go there’s no flavors or anything and you’re doing anywhere from like a 16 to even a 48-hour fast that could be a really good thing to initially break your fast with right out the gate plus you’re getting the collagen. You Can Also Read How You Should Cut Fat Before Try To Build Muscles In 2022.

You’ll get some of the gut restorations that come from that so I highly recommend that if you’re especially if you’re doing a longer fast I’ll put a link down below you can save 15 off because I know those guys and they are a big sponsor of my channel and my life too so anyway check them out there’s a link down below to save 15 if you want to try the bone broth protein trust me it is awesome and I know matt I know chaz owners of paleo valley.

A Little Bit More Protein

They’re super good people so anyway check them out and now moving on after you do that you may want to then have a little bit more protein so you break your fast with some possible bone broth protein and then you could go ahead and add like an actual pea protein if you wanted to I don’t typically lean into whey protein because I don’t like having that much of an insulin spike right when I break my fast but if you have something like pea protein it’s easy to keep on the go so pea protein.

You could have a couple of scoops in a Ziploc bag and add it to water or add it to almond milk pretty much anywhere you are so super easy and super convenient that way and it goes right in tandem with the potential bone broth protein you could mix them if you wanted to have the bone broth benefit along with the pea protein so pea protein would be good for breaking a fast anywhere from like 16 hours to maybe 36 hours anything over 36 hours it might be a little aggressive to bring pea protein into your gut just.

Because it’s hard to break down when you have that much of the gut mucosal layer breaking down then you might want to lean into the bone broth protein a bit more next up is going to be sardines but there’s a huge caveat with the sardines they have to be in the water in this case sometimes I have a little bit of a loose standard where I’ll be like go for water if you can but try not to get them in the oil in this particular case with breaking a fast if you can’t get them in the water go with a different solution.

The Benefits Tend To Start At 16 Hours

We have to keep the fats a little bit lower and sardines already have a little bit of fat in them so if you can find sardines that are in water and also skinless then you save even more so then you’re getting the vitamin d but you’re also getting the omega-3s as we talked about with the canned salmon plus extremely economical sardines are very inexpensive and easy to get almost anywhere on the go again at the dollar store if you have to get them in oil rinse them off in a bathroom sink somewhere.

Whatever but one thing that’s overlooked a lot is the b12 content b12 is a highly water-soluble vitamin and when we’re fasting remember we’re urinating more which means we’re losing our minerals but we’re also losing water-soluble vitamins like b12 there’s a hundred and fifty percent of your daily recommended value in one 100 gram serving of sardines of vitamin b12 so you’re going to be off to the races there so highly recommend that and sardines I would usually do for like a 16 to 24 hour fast beyond.

That again we want to start leaning into the easier things some stuff’s a little bit lower fat so it’s a little bit easier to digest then we get into some of the looser stuff hard-boiled eggs I would not recommend having a hard-boiled egg for anything longer than like a 16-hour fast but I put this here because I know you might occasionally do a shorter term fast now 16 hours is the perfect length it’s nice it’s easy but the benefits tend to start at 16 hours but if you are doing a shorter fast like that a hard-boiled egg would be lean into a pasture raised not.

Break A Fast With Any Dairy

Just free range or not just cage free because what you are putting in your body right when you break a fast is so unbelievably important then it brings me to this last one which is one that I wouldn’t recommend doing for anything over like again 16 18 hours but there is a specific reason for it so hear me out normally I do not like to break a fast with any dairy I generally do not but if you know that you tolerate dairy I would rather you lean into a very good quality cottage cheese one that doesn’t have carrageenan one.

That’s preferably grass-fed grass-finished cows that would make a big difference do not go for like whey protein do not go for things like that the thing about cottage cheese is it can suppress insulin a little bit so here’s what can happen right after we break a fast what will happen is we will have an insulin spike and that insulin spike will cause a big flux of all your electrolytes that are in the bloodstream to go into the cell this can leave you with unstable blood electrolyte levels so even.

If you have protein it can spike it and you know your body well so if you tend to feel like you get foggy or weird right after you break a fast it could be an electrolyte issue and one of the best ways to combat that in addition to of course having electrolytes is to have a lower insulin spike and cottage cheese has been demonstrated to have a much lower insulin spike because it is mainly case and proteins.