The Best Foods For Fasting Top Benefits You Should Know In 2022

The Best Foods For Fasting Top Benefits You Should Know In 2022
The Best Foods For Fasting Top Benefits You Should Know In 2022

Introduction Of The Best Foods For Fasting Top Benefits You Should Know In 2022

The Best Foods For Fasting Top Benefits You Should Know In 2022. What you achieve from a fast at least as far as your microbiome is concerned to put it in a nutshell there is a study published in the journal of gastroenterology and it found that during the early stages of a fast our gut motility slows down which means our gut is slowing down the digestion now this changes later in the fast it speeds up later on but early on in a fast shortly after you’ve eaten and your body starts to recognize hmm this person’s not eaten much maybe.

Food That You Eat Sticks In Your Gut Longer

They’re starving so it slows down digestion so that it can extract every possible nutrient from what you ate but it also slows down digestion to save some energy and it also slows down enzyme formation to well save energy so therefore food that you eat sticks in your gut longer that’s not a bad thing that means that your body can ferment and break down potentially good things to feed your gut bacteria we’ll explain a little bit more because it can determine like.

What you should start your fast with you see while we’re fasting there’s a really interesting effect on the microbiome see certain bacteria within our gut like to feed on what is called plant glycans they feed on just basically the fibers from plants well you know during a fast that kind of goes away because you run out of food and eventually your body starts to break down on glycans that are living in the host mucous what that means sounds kind of gross is the gut mucosal layer that is in your gut it wears down not because.

It’s just randomly wearing down it wears down because your gut biome your bacteria and your gut eat some of the bacteria that live on that mucus so what that means is your microbiome is always feeding on something but during a fast, we have really weird shifts in the microbiome because the microbiome has no choice but to eat what is available which is usually things that can survive within our gut mucosal layer but there’s some really interesting science and then I’ll get to exactly.

Intermittent Fasting For 40 weeks

It’s a very helpful app very good people that are running now we’re getting back to the science so there’s a study published in the journal age that found that mice that did intermittent fasting for 40 weeks ended up having a much better response to salmonella they were much more resilient to salmonella than mice that didn’t intermittent fast well what’s going on here well one of the theories is well based upon other research we see that fasting can selectively decrease different species you see.

When you look at the big picture you find when people fast their bacteria levels go all over the place and it’s highly bio-individual meaning my response might be different from your response might be different from Tim’s response and Julie’s response but one thing seemed to be uniform there was a decrease in what is called fuso bacteria Fuso bacterium is pretty widely known within the research community as a very inflammatory bacteria it secretes nuclear factor kappa.

This is like inflammatory signaling but it also has an effect on our t cells and our natural killer cells which have powerful effects on anti-tumor effects and other effects within just keeping us feeling good so we don’t want that bacteria high but we see across the board no matter what other bacterias do fasting seems to decrease that one so that is very powerful news in the world of fasting in the microbiome.

What Is Interesting With Certain Foods

What is interesting with certain foods that you eat the journal gut microbes published another study that showed that when people would practice intermittent fasting they would usually have an increase in lactobacillus as well now lactobacillus is like the widest range species that are studied a lot so we know that if you improve lactobacillus you put yourself in a pretty good spot but one bacteria are even more important and this bacteria likes diversity it’s called bacteroidetes understanding that. You Can Also Read 30 Days Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Challenge 2022.

Bacteroidetes levels went up during a fast came out of a national academy of sciences study back in 2009. it’s been known for a while this hasn’t been talked about a lot of bacteroidetes are the most studied bacteria when it comes to the metabolism we have seen time and time again that can’t say correlation equals causation but we have seen time and time again the correlation between high levels of bacterial dts and healthy individuals lean individuals glucose tolerant individuals and fat oxidating individuals the ones that are utilizing their metabolism to the advantage.

A Wide Variety Of Food A Little Bit Of Fat

We see a quite nice little increase bacteroidetes likes diversity so what does that mean that you should be eating before a fast well it varies I would say if you were after more abundance of overall metabolism having a wide variety of food a little bit of fat a little bit of carbohydrate a little bit of protein and a moderate amount of fiber is going to give you the best overall well-rounded metabolic effect but its kind of interesting you almost have to feed what you want the most of for example.

If you were to eat a highly ketogenic meal with very low carbohydrate and high fat there is a very good chance what that is going to do is that is going to encourage what is called bile resistant bacteria to form making you better at utilizing fats making you better at following a ketogenic diet it’s almost like a hyper focused ability to get good at whatever you want to get good at so if you’re trying to get better at creating ketones and better at utilizing fat and better at digestively handling fat you could hypothesize that yes you’d want to have a high-fat meal going into your fast.

Because you’re not going to build bacteria that are associated with plants because you’re not eating plants which leads me to the other point right if you’re trying to build a lot of bacteria maybe you feel like you have gut dysbiosis and you need a reset well that might be a good time to say hey I’m going to eat an abundance of fiber an abundance of veggies going into this fast some of it goes against the grain of some of the things I’ve said.

Ferments Food

Before but that’s the whole purpose we’re always trying to learn and evolve a little bit so that would give you a wider abundance of bacteria now the other thing that you want to consider is do you want to have a bunch of soluble fiber or a bunch of insoluble fiber that’s going to dictate what you get out of your fast so remember this when our bacteria in our gut ferment things.

When it ferments food it creates what are called short chain fatty acids I talk about them all the time short chain fatty acids there’s a couple that we have to remember one of them is called acetate travels to the liver and forms acetyl coenzyme a creates ketones we need acetyl coenzyme a to create ketones so if you’re trying to get a stronger ketogenic effect out of your fast you need to consume soluble fiber so you create more short chain fatty acids create more acetate creating more acetyl coenzyme.

A thereby creating more ketones so it’s kind of funny it’s like on one hand if you want to get adapted digestively to fats you eat fats but if you want to be able to create more ketones over the long haul it comes down to fiber before a fast now you’re going to have it potentially sitting in your gut for a long time not exactly the best thing right you’re allowing it a time to just be saturated the only time that I would say if you’re going to have artificial sweeteners you really should have them along with meals in a regular day not necessarily alongside fasting when they’re going to sit in your gut for a longer period one of the questions that I know is going to come up is going to be surrounding protein before a fast protein.