Do You Know The Wild Effects Of Vitamin D For Longevity

Do You Know The Wild Effects Of Vitamin D For Longevity
Do You Know The Wild Effects Of Vitamin D For Longevity

Introduction Of Do You Know The Wild Effects Of Vitamin D For Longevity

Do You Know The Wild Effects Of Vitamin D For Longevity. The first thing we have to look at is looking at health span as it’s associated with like obesity we see that obesity and being overweight could potentially take years off your life which is not what we want of course well and then we kind of like connect the dots and we see that being overweight or being obese is the leading cause of vitamin d deficiency I think it’s pretty safe to say that almost everyone knows that vitamin d is a big deal now but a lot of us still think that it’s a vitamin.

Vitamin D Gets Sequestered

We forget that it has hormone-like properties and how it affects our body is pretty darn interesting and I want to clear one thing up once and for all vitamin d gets sequestered and locked up in our fat tissue so the more fat that we have the more vitamin d gets sucked into it and the less available vitamin d we have so even if we are loading up copious amounts of vitamin d through our diet it’s pretty hard to have it become bioavailable because it gloms onto fat and it gets stored in the adipose tissue.

But what does this have to do with aging so for years and years and years we’ve said wellbeing overweight could have a detrimental effect on aging and it has to do a lot of times with inflammatory responses right if we are bombarding our body with inflammatory signals because adipose tissue can be very inflammatory then maybe we are triggering so much stress onto our cells and stress onto our body that it’s causing some premature uh apoptosis and mutation of cells that are triggering us to well just kind of wither away.

The Relationship With Vitamin D

What if we look at the relationship with vitamin d because it has to do a lot with glucose now I’m gonna break this down it’s gonna make some perfect sense I know I started a little bit complex but I promise it’ll all make sense after this video I also want you to check out a brand called guido matcha I’m a big fan of drinking green tea I have a cup of coffee in the morning then I switch over to green tea and I usually have matcha green tea because it’s very good for me I like it I like how it makes me feel I like the fact.

That I know where it comes from and ejido matcha is a 187-year-old matcha company that harvests it properly they do it in the right region of japan in the right region with the shade and get the really good green tea leaves that are needed to be pulverized into a matcha powder so anyhow they have single surf packets they make it super easy and very convenient and there’s a special link down below because they’re a big supporter of this channel so check them out there was a study published not that long ago in the journal nutrition.

That demonstrated that taking in vitamin d supplements like supplementing with vitamin d had a positive effect on glucose and insulin levels and it activated what’s called par and I talk about that a lot but let me put this into context basically what that meant is that by adding vitamin d and you have the potential of your cells being able to utilize fat as a fuel source easier even if you’re not necessarily on a lower carb diet right if your body is using fats easier you have less what is called glycolytic flux so.

Cell To Create The Energy

When electrons from glucose are coming into a cell to create the energy they are required to attach to something called nad when they attach to that nad the nad is like a shuttle carrier and carries it into the power plant where it ultimately gets manufactured into energy well that nad that little shuttle bus is very important for other mechanisms in the body too so when we run on an alternative fuel such as fat fats do not require the nad shuttle they can get into the power plant by themselves.

They can walk in they don’t need to take a shuttle bus to imagine going to Disneyland and instead of having to take the shuttle you could walk right in so that’s what’s happening there what does that do well that leaves the shuttle bus available to do other things so imagine this shuttle bus that was gonna go to Disneyland but now doesn’t have any people this shuttle bus can now go and drive people somewhere else or it can drive to I don’t know help build a bridge somewhere or it could drive to help rebuild some tissue.

Somewhere in your body, it can have potentially longevity inducing effects and things that are good for your health span more available nad means more availability to rebuild and to well help assist us with living a good healthy life what does this have to do with vitamin d so much well again the vitamin d makes it so that we potentially are more fat adapted and can have this happen but there’s more to it than just that vitamin d activates what is called pgc1a now pgc1a is something that we rave about when.

Vitamin D Is Not Even Necessarily A Supplement

We’re talking about fasting something we rave about when we’re talking about even keto or paleo one of the biggest benefits of doing those dietary patterns is the activation of this amazing pgc1a so what the heck is it well pgc1a is something that turns on the mitochondria’s what’s called biogenesis it allows us to create more energy factories more power plants without pgc1a being turned on we don’t have the genes to build more power plants pretty cool stuff so we have more pgc1a when we take vitamin d so more power plants more and more am I realizing. You Can Also Read Top Foods You Should Avoid Them For Cause Visceral Fat Accumulation.

That vitamin d is not even necessarily a supplement it’s just critical and should be in our body that’s why we convert it and synthesize it from the sun it’s that important but it doesn’t stop there gets even more insane when you start looking at the longevity piece one of the things that nad the little shuttle bus likes to go drive over to help out with is something called sirtuins so nad, when it’s not occupied by carrying glucose into a cell what that nad does, is it drives over and it turns on a big old.

Switch called sirtuins mainly cert one and cert one turns on a whole cascade of different genes and a whole cascade of different enzymatic and just responses in the body that all have to do with longevity and dr David Sinclair who I love so much because his research is so good he’s so good at breaking it down so simply he’s talked about this for years and years and years and how we can help support our nad levels well again we activate sirtuins because of nad guess what turns out that vitamin d directly activates sirtuins too.

Obese Their Vitamin D Levels

So we have another way to go activate sirtuins but again let’s put some things together with someone that’s very obese their vitamin d levels are low so one could argue that they’re not aging very well right like they’re running into that issue they’re not having that support they need for longevity but then you look at they lose weight well there’s a lot of factors that are helping them potentially age better as they lose weight but one of which is the liberation the more bioavailable vitamin d so which came first the chicken or the egg I’m purely hypothetical here.

But could it be that vitamin d is activating more sirtuins helping them live a better life then when you look at the inflammation side of things it gets intriguing vitamin d can help modulate inflammation at what is called the nlrp3 inflammasome level this is something we know as we age overweight obesity more inflammation more you know just pain right not feeling good well how does that play a role again with once again vitamin d vitamin d directly reduces that nlrp3 inflammasome so maybe?

Supplement With Vitamin D

We have the modulation of inflammation that’s working there so we have multiple different avenues we create more energy powerhouses to create more energy and more abundance there we have less glycolytic flux and more ability to use fat leaving more shuttle buses available to rebuild roads and do other things we have direct sirtuin activation which assists with of course all the longevity genes and those components right then we have the nlrp3 inflammasome modulation so we feel good.

While we’re doing all this is just the beginning and I’m keeping it very simple but what is the pragmatic thing here do you supplement with vitamin d or do you lose weight to increase your levels of vitamin d I want to make sure that I go on record and don’t make any crazy weird claims vitamin d is not necessarily associated as a supplement with losing weight what is associated with losing weight is increasing vitamin d levels but those vitamin d levels are just getting liberated from the fat right so I’m not going to say that you could take a vitamin d supplement and you’re going to lose weight.