Can Fasting Destroy Your Metabolism How To Stop That

Can Fasting Destroy Your Metabolism How To Stop That
Can Fasting Destroy Your Metabolism How To Stop That

Introduction Of Can Fasting Destroy Your Metabolism How To Stop That

Can Fasting Destroy Your Metabolism How To Stop That. Intermittent fasting is still reducing calories you’re just reducing calories in a very clear and defined very black and white fashion during a period in which you’re not eating you’re very clearly not eating but during a period that you’re eating you’re very clearly eating so.

Plummet Your Metabolism

If you were to look at your calories throughout seven days you’re still in a deficit more than likely so are you going to plummet your metabolism into the ground the same way that you would if you were restricting calories normally because there’s quite a bit of evidence that shows if you restrict calories like by 25 well it only takes about three months before well your metabolism is crashing eight to ten percent that’s pretty significant that was published in the international journal of obesity.

That’s a pretty well-known statistic that if you reduce your calories your metabolism drops well what about with fasting well it’s kind of interesting because with fasting you have these periodic very short and acute stressors now when you have short periods or very defined periods of fasting your body doesn’t necessarily see it the same way it doesn’t see it as oh he’s just reducing calories or oh she’s just like drawing this out for a long period it sees it as oh there’s a shock to the body there’s evidence.

You Can Damage Your Metabolism

That it can actually jack up your metabolism for a short amount of time but it doesn’t stop there because you can damage your metabolism if you fast too much let me explain by the way after this video I want you to check out super fat if you are into all kinds of different nut butter these guys are awesome my personal favorite is their nitro coffee nut butter so it’s a macadamia nut butter that also has nitro coffee in it and it comes in these delicious little pouches they are so so good and then.

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Creating awesome content and saving some money on your resting metabolic rate is very very important to pay attention to there’s a study that’s published in the American Journal of clinical nutrition that found that when someone did a four day fast their resting metabolic rate increased on day one day two and day three their metabolism got faster how is that possible you weren’t consuming food isn’t consuming food like 20 or 25 percent of just our calories burned in a day anyway well what this tells us is that.

Skyrockets Our Metabolism

When fasting is the anomaly it skyrockets our metabolism so much so that it supersedes the thermic effect that we are not getting okay we’re not getting the thermic effect from food so it takes us a lot to increase our metabolism but it’s doing so because of adrenaline norepinephrine and the stress response so what does this tell us it tells us that we need to be fasting periodically and aggressively when we do that’s the problem that I have with sort of I don’t know mimicking fasts or sort of like doing like still having bulletproof coffee during.

A fast because then for all intents and purposes your body is just going into caloric restriction versus clear defined fasting when we are fasting we need to allow our body to be in shock and get the stress response it is the stress response that allows us to continue to burn fat but also the stress response that allows us to preserve some of the muscle and preserve some of the overall things that we want to save right so if you look at caloric restriction well yeah you’re just restricting calories your body’s gonna think.

You’re starving it’s gonna think like oh this is just the new norm he’s just giving me little bits of food all the time but if you’re fasting right then it’s a periodic stressor but what happens if you start fasting every day or I don’t know even six days a week right well then your body’s just going to assume that that is caloric restriction as well because for all intents and purposes over the course of seven days it’s still looking at it as like oh we’re reducing calories we’re still reducing calories so does this mean you should not fast every single day candidly.

Enough Carbohydrates Coming Into Spike

I don’t think you should fast every single day if you want to fast every single day you have to be accepting of the fact that that is going to be your norm and that your metabolism will slow down to adjust to that but I think that if you want to continue to get body compositions out of fasting you need to be able to shock the body now and then let me paint a picture as well a lot of times if people are doing any kind of like caloric restriction or they’re doing intermittent fasting daily.

What’s happening is they have just enough carbohydrates coming into spike their insulin levels just enough that they’re not burning fat anymore see here’s how it looks normally we have this thing called lipolysis that occurs what happens is the stress response like the catecholamines like adrenaline norepinephrine they hit our fat cells and trigger the fat cells to release into the bloodstream but there’s a problem if insulin is present like when you consume carbohydrates it blocks that from happening. You Can Also Read Do You Know New Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies Work In 2022.

It’s called the insulin to glucagon ratio, okay and if that insulin level is too high then we cannot use that fat very well we cannot access it so if you’re in a caloric deficit because you were fasting today and then you had a few carbohydrates well what’s happening is that insulin is blocking fat burning from continuing on it’s not a big deal if it’s happening once in a while because all the benefit of your fasting is going to be a bigger deal than that potential issue and what I mean by that is like.

Intermittent Fasting

If you’re intermittent fasting like every other day it’s fine but if you’re fasting every day then eventually you’re slowing down how much your body can utilize that fat as a fuel source the other thing that we want to be careful of is if you have a long enough fast to where your body can produce ketones you can preserve muscle because your body is going to have the muscle preserving effect of ketones but if you’re doing these short term fasts every day you’re not even getting to the point where you’re getting.

The leucine sparing or the beneficial muscle preserving effect of ketones you’re just sitting kind of right in this gray area and you’re doing it every day so 16 8 is essentially caloric restriction what I would typically recommend is longer fasts 18 20 22 hours two or three days a week if you look at your calories throughout that seven-day revolving period you’re going to be at the same amount of calories but you’re doing it in a different way than isn’t teaching your body.

That you’re just in a caloric deficit it’s teaching your body that oh his normal calories are here but occasionally there’s a random shock that shouldn’t be there but it’s just there your job is to continue to allow your body to continue to think that that is just a shock and not the norm I know the intermittent fasting lifestyle is great you feel clear because you’re not eating all of that matters and if that is what you’re after it’s just the lifestyle, by all means, please please please keep doing it do what makes you feel good and then perform better.

Intermittent Fasting Plateau

But if you’re just after body composition or if that’s the first thing on your mind you really should switch it up use that periodically until you get to your goal weight once you’re at your goal weight then adopt a lifestyle that you really like trust me when i say an intermittent fasting plateau is one of the most frustrating things that you can deal with because you feel like what else could i possibly freaking change i’m already not eating for 18 hours i’m all what else could i change there’s no fairy dust i can sprinkle on my fast to accelerate it’s so frustrating so if you run yourself into that barrier it’s a world of hurt so mark my words if you fast.