Fasting Get Weight Loss With Plateau Its 2022 Tips

Fasting Get Weight Loss With Plateau Its 2022 Tips
Fasting Get Weight Loss With Plateau Its 2022 Tips

Introduction Of Fasting Get Weight Loss With Plateau Its 2022 Tips

Fasting Get Weight Loss With Plateau Its 2022 Tips. How can you use intermittent fasting strategically to break yourself through a plateau what you don’t want to find yourself doing is relying on intermittent fasting just as a caloric deficit to get you through a plateau because what that can do is ultimately lead to a suppressed metabolism that puts you further into a corner.

How Can I Use Fasting To Improve My Leptin Sensitivity

What you need to do is strategically figure out how can I use fasting to improve my leptin sensitivity now what is leptin sensitivity leptin is a signaling molecule that is secreted by your fat cells that communicates with your brain to let your brain know how much to activate the metabolism so the more leptin that we have the faster our metabolism can go but we run into a big problem in the fact that most of us become leptin resistant.

Because we’ve been overweight I was 300 pounds before so I was left in resistance have so much fat on you that you’re producing so much leptin that the signal gets disrupted fasting can be very effective for I don’t want to say reversing but helping this there’s an interesting study that demonstrated that just periodic caloric restriction can improve the expression of receptors for leptin in your brain by 43 that means that your brain is creating new receptors to receive that leptin let me explain how that works.

Because it sounds complicated it’s pretty simple it’s like you have fat cells on you and the fat cells are producing a lot of lots and lots of leptin they are sending signals to the brain is getting bombarded with these signals to the point where it doesn’t even know what to do with them so it just starts ignoring them similar to insulin resistance excess except it’s happening with leptin if we produce more leptin receptors we have more receptors that can.

We Run Into Some Issues With Fasting

Now start receiving the leptin signal and therefore understand oh I get it there’s a bunch of fat on this body can start burning it and leveraging it and rev up the metabolism but we run into some issues with fasting because when we fast we tend to binge afterward which can cause a big issue as well even shorter term hypercaloric diets like where you’re having a big surge of calories can trigger an inflammatory response at what’s called the hypothalamic level at the brain level which impedes the signal from the leptin getting to the brain in the first place.

So then you dig yourself deeper into a hole so envision this you’re producing a bunch of leptin because you have a bunch of fat cells I’m just going to use myself as an example I was 300 pounds so let’s see my overweight body was producing a bunch of leptin, and then I would start fasting and for a little, while it would improve things then all of a sudden I would break my fast and I would eat a bunch of food and I’d eat a bunch of calories and I’d have this big inflammatory response in my body and that means.

That all of a sudden all the leptin that’s being secreted by my fat cells is now getting hazed and it’s not able to reach the receptor cell the signal it’s not able to send that signal properly because it’s not able to get through the blood-brain barrier so then I end up even more leptin resistant and even deeper in a hole where I’m not able to break my plateau so what do I end up doing longer and longer fasts because the only time that I’m getting benefit is when I’m fasting that’s not exactly.

The First One Is Fasting Should Be The Anomaly Fasting Needs

How we want to do it so typically what I would recommend if you’re trying to condition your body to be more leptin sensitive is to consider certain things so I’m going to list off a couple of them the first one is fasting should be the anomaly fasting needs to be an acute stressor to the body into everything it cannot become a chronic stressor once we have a chronic stressor there then we run into a different issue what I mean by that is fasting should be just a random shock to the body.

Where the body doesn’t see it as the norm it sees it as a periodic aggressive caloric restriction that allows us to create that new receptor expression it has that new receptor expression so that’s going to be a much better strategy than using consistent fasting to break a plateau I’d almost rather say if you’re at a plateau or you’re stuck with your weight loss you’re better off to say let’s go two or three times per week with relatively aggressive fasting the next thing you have to pay attention to is as hard as it is having two or three smaller meals. You Can Also Read Do You Know The Top Reasons Why Fasting Stops Working.

Before you have any kind of larger meal after your fast it goes against the grain of some of the things that I’ve talked about with intermittent fasting but if leptin resistance is your problem if you’re overweight and you’re having a hard time breaking through those barriers you have to consider this because once again if you have that caloric surplus you have that inflammatory response that’s going to impede this whole thing altogether with these meals it is exceptionally I cannot stress this enough.

A Significant Reduction

That you attempt to double your normal protein intake and this comes from some serious evidence-based stuff here there’s a study published in the American Journal of clinical nutrition that demonstrated that people that doubled their protein from 15 percent of their intake to 30 percent of their intake had a significant reduction in their caloric intake because of the satiety of the protein but also because of the thermic effect of the protein what that ended up doing is it resulted in the right kind of central nervous system leptin sensitivity increase so because.

They had an increase in their energy expenditure but they were reducing calories their epinephrine levels went up to a certain degree which improved their leptin sensitivity so leptin sensitivity means that you can do more with less leptin so even though you might still be producing a bunch of leptin and your cells aren’t absorbing it a whole lot you’re able to make it so that the cells that do absorb it can do more with it our ultimate goal is to make it so that the brain can receive.

What triggers an inflammatory response and what also triggers a leptin response I’m not insinuating or any kind of agenda here but I am going to say that when you look at what happens during a fast you can understand why all of a sudden during your actual fast you’re burning fat and why leptin signaling is better what’s happening is you have a lessened inflammatory response when you’re not eating you’re not having as much inflammation eating itself triggers inflammation so during.

Period During Your Fast

During that period during your fast, you have less inflammation so more of your leptin signal can get to the brain you also have more epinephrine because you’re in a caloric deficit which means more central nervous system sensitivity so you’re having more of an effect there but you also have the presence of what are called ketones when you’re fasting so when you have ketones present they are anti-inflammatory beta-hydroxybutyrate the main ketone body suppresses inflammation via the nuclear factor kappa b pathway and via.

What’s called the nlrp3 inflammasome this suppression of inflammation also makes leptin signaling much much better the problem is upon breaking our fast we typically have a bunch of carbohydrates is going to stimulate a leptin increase that is except for the issue that we already have too much leptin so maybe it’s not the best time to have a huge surge in leptin maybe it’s this time where we should continue on a lower carb protocol on the days that we fast so.

We don’t have a big spike so you don’t have to do a ketogenic protocol but what I would typically recommend in this case is if you’re fasting on the days that you fast remain low carb even when you do eat your food that means higher amounts of protein moderate amounts of fat and lower carbohydrates so you’re not getting an additional surge of leptin everything we need to focus on is a little bit paradoxical we are not trying to boost leptin that is not what people typically need when they are at a plateau.

The Brain A Chance To Start Communicating

They need better leptin signaling and less resistance and this is going to allow that to happen because you’re allowing the brain a chance to develop more receptors and you’re allowing the brain a chance to start communicating here’s let me paint a picture for you which I’ve talked about in another video let’s say you met someone attractive and you wanted to like they gave you their number and you were stoked on it so you called them they picked up the phone you had a good chat and you’re like that was a great chat so you call them again.

They’re like they talk and they’re like that’s cool we just talked a little bit ago but whatever then you get a little obsessed and you start calling them off the hook so they stop answering the phone that’s kind of like your leptin right it’s just like getting it’s like why are you giving me so much here and then you get upset that they’re not answering so you call again and again, you keep calling and bombarding the point is more phone calls are not going to solve the problem it’s going to make it worse and it’s going to push that person away.

The same situation with your leptin at first everything’s working well then it starts to get worse the last thing you need is more leptin more carbohydrates more calories you don’t need a cheat meal right now to stimulate leptin you don’t need more leptin you need them to pick up the phone because if you get the opportunity for them to pick up the phone then maybe maybe you can culture and nurture that relationship again and get them to start answering the phone again so maybe just maybe.

If the cells in your brain can start taking a little bit of leptin they might start saying ah this leptin guy is not so bad i’ll start picking up the phone again and then we got the patchwork going and suddenly the body is working again so you can use intermittent fasting to your strategic advantage if you are at a plateau but you have to do it right because if you do it too much you also are going to suppress your metabolism.