How To Build Muscles In 2022 With Simple Steps

How To Build Muscles In 2022 With Simple Steps
How To Build Muscles In 2022 With Simple Steps

Introduction Of How To Build Muscles In 2022 With Simple Steps

How To Build Muscles In 2022 With Simple Steps. You know those people that can like to look at a weight and just put on muscle it’s almost so frustrating because for me I’ve always had to work hard for it and I found that when I’m on a ketogenic diet I respond better to the stimulus of weight training and put on more muscle but that seems to be because I know how to time things properly and how to mess with insulin sensitivity anyhow.

Build More Muscle On Keto

I’m going to share with you five steps that you can follow to build more muscle on keto look I’m not saying any of this is magic, but what I am saying is if you look at the biochemistry overall the ketogenic diet lends itself quite well to being well anabolic what I mean by that is when you are in a ketogenic state you have the presence of ketone bodies which are very leucine sparing so they preserve muscle normally when you work out you have a sort of a catabolic effect you break down tissue well.

When you’re in ketosis you buffer that process so you end up one step ahead the problem is people get very afraid of carbohydrates and they don’t touch them at all and I’m telling you that if you manipulate it properly you can have a few carbohydrates anyway I will get into that so the first thing that you need to do is you need to maintain high levels of insulin sensitivity you see here’s what happens people do keto for a while and eventually they start to lose their insulin sensitivity and the reason.

What happens is because they’re on the ketogenic diet and they’re never having any carbohydrates so their cells sort of becoming glucose intolerant they sort of lose the ability to understand how to use carbohydrates well well we still want to be able to properly bring in carbohydrates to instigate a muscle growth response insulin can be our friend if we’re building muscle we have to have it at very specific times and if we become insulin well not sensitive.

Opportunities To Build Muscle So There Are A Few Ways

We have fewer opportunities to build muscle so there are a few ways that we go about doing that number one is when I talk about all the time train as fast as you possibly can that way when you do break your fast after your workout or that way when you are done with your workout you’re very insulin sensitive and your body is ready to suck up what you do take in extra more so than normal I also want you to do something kind of wild I want you to periodically train with a couple of carbohydrates before your workout.

What are the nuts listen if you have like 10 or 15 grams of carbohydrates like one day a week pre-workout it will accelerate how your body learns to utilize that glucose in a sort of I don’t know just a performance setting what that’s going to do is it’s going to make it so that when you do have carbohydrates occasionally your body knows what to do with it it comes from the old called sleep low training where they used to like have people train in as deprived and a fasted state as possible and then.

When they would compete they would have them fueled so then their body would get used to training in a very weak state so then when it wasn’t training in a weak state it could get a lot of performance we’re doing the same thing but with carbohydrates, so one day a week train with some carbohydrates in your system only like 10 or 15 though and then additionally you want to make sure that you’re controlling your insulin spikes most people have their insulin levels high all the time even.

We Need Sodium To Get A Muscle To Contract

When they’re trying to build muscle right if they’re not on keto they just are eating and their insulin levels are always high which means their insulin sensitivity over time is slowly going down we want to control really big spikes because that is how we get anabolic signaling big spikes of insulin big spikes of mtor big anabolic response period so you want to keep it clean and you want to have clear very defined meals and spikes in insulin whether that’s carbohydrates or protein because.

They both spike insulin step number two is to train hyper hydrated and have salt before your workouts or at least intra workout one of the reasons that I’m a fan of salt is not just because of course the neurological piece we need sodium to get a muscle to contract we lose sodium when we are on keto simply just at rest we don’t even have to be sweating let alone when you start working out you lose it at a much more accelerated rate so yes we need that for contractile strength but one of the things that. You Can Also Read How To Take Carbs During Exercise A Ketogenic Diet Guide.

We often forget is that if your insulin levels are low during a workout which they would be if you’re bringing in sodium it’s going to cause the water to draw into the muscle cell you’re creating sort of this osmotic state where you’re drawing water into the muscle cell, not into the subcutaneous puffy tissue you’re not going to get puffy from it it’s going to draw into the muscle cell what does that do it gives you a bigger pump a pump is not just a vanity thing extra muscle volume gives you more internal leverage.

Don’t Necessarily Build Muscle Calories

So you can lift more weight because physics show you that you have a bigger lever arm at that rate but additionally you’re also stretching the tissue stretching the fascia and can potentially get more growth that way if you want the electrolytes that I recommend on keto I put a link down below there’s a sample pack you can get eight sample packs of element for free you pay shipping and the stuff tastes awesome I like the lemon lime one the orange salt one is super good anyhow you can go to drink Thomas again you’re just paying for shipping.

If you’re building muscle but calories don’t necessarily build muscle calories might make a more anabolic environment but they are not the stimulus your stimulus is your workout your stimulus is always going to be the training you paint the environment for that training to do its job and extra fat although it does drive up ketone values a little bit it’s not giving you what you need you still need protein so although I don’t have something concrete for you what I want to tell you is to disregard trying to hammer in the fats all the time.

I want you to still focus on protein because I think the biggest mistake that you can make for building muscle on keto is just trying to drive up ketone levels high all the time you still need protein it’s still an integral part of what you are after number four is going to be carbohydrate back loading you do not have to do this all the time but this is a big part of what I call a targeted ketogenic approach carbohydrate backloading is just a complicated way of saying having carbs after your workout.

After A Workout You Have Carbohydrates

The idea is after a workout you have carbohydrates and it restores your glycogen levels it makes perfect sense because you’re insulin sensitive and you have a better chance of those carbohydrates coming in and getting stored in the proper place as glycogen versus getting stored as fat however I will say a lot of the research shows that you can restore glycogen for like a day after your workout but you do lose insulin sensitivity as time goes on but I have a specific strategy for you you don’t have to do this all the time but on a day.

When you feel like you need extra recovery if you combine a little bit of regular carbohydrate like regular glucose along with a little bit of fructose from fruit in a low fiber form so that it absorbs fast along with a little bit of salt you activate a very unique pathway glucose like regular carbohydrates let’s hypothetically say like one rice cake that is going to take one kind of transporter it’s called s glute one it rides one bus to your muscle then if you have fructose that rides glute five.

So that rides a different bus to your muscle so, in other words, you get two shuttle buses driving to your muscle to be able to deliver carbohydrates faster without those carbohydrates elevating insulin levels high so basically, you can get away with having like 20 or 25 grams of carbs if it’s split kind of evenly between regular carbs and fructose so do some research on high fructose level foods do some research on what kind of glucose you want to use I would usually again.

Investigating Over The Last Six Months

Just say like a rice cake along with like some peaches or rice cake along with a little bit of an apple without the skin so you cut the fiber out and then the salt is just a sodium gated channel you probably don’t even need to add the salt honestly just a little bit of salt to make sure that that sodium gated channel is working number five is one that I’ve just been investigating over the last six months and that is experimenting with essential amino acids ears.

But only with your post-workout meal do not have eas on their own they will spike insulin but with no additional substrates to do anything essential amino acids provide you with a lot of leucine which means that you are triggering an anabolic response in the body but if you do not have bioavailable protein in your system at that time it goes to complete waste it’s like hammering the gas pedal on a car with no gas in it it doesn’t do anything it’s not going to take you anywhere but there are studies.

That demonstrates that if you have leucine or essential amino acids with your protein shake or with your protein it can 4x the protein synthesis 4x to anabolic signaling and remember we are all about these very clear defined spikes and getting this big spike when we can so we can put on muscle while we’re on a ketogenic diet and then just as a bonus since you’re probably thinking you need to be in this caloric surplus all the time you don’t need to be in a surplus all the time be in a surplus on your recovery days be in a surplus on the days.