New 10 Foods People Over Age 50 Should Be Eating Fitness Tips

New 10 Foods People Over Age 50 Should Be Eating Fitness Tips
New 10 Foods People Over Age 50 Should Be Eating Fitness Tips

Introduction Of New 10 Foods People Over Age 50 Should Be Eating Fitness Tips

New 10 Foods People Over Age 50 Should Be Eating Fitness Tips. Things change as we get older we don’t like to admit it but we have to accept it that’s fine we change the things that we eat a little bit to modify and accommodate that it’s all good things change as we get older it’s just life but that’s not a big deal as long as we understand how to kind of navigate that situation how to eat different things so I have 14 foods that I feel people over 50 should be eating more of it’s not the end-all be-all but.

Unhealthy Gut Integrity

There are some huge benefits to these as far as well just the gut goes and other systems within the body so let’s talk about it you see Ellie Metchnikoff probably said it best he postulated that between unhealthy gut integrity meaning like our gut gets weaker as we get older and it starts leaking things in and aging there’s just a really solid link there and the reality there is as we get older things to start to break down our gut a little bit more which means that pathogenic things that shouldn’t leak through.

The gut gets a chance to leak through the gut and therefore that triggers well an inflammatory cascade within the body that can make us not feel very good we feel stiff maybe we feel achy we feel brain foggy all these things that if you talk to 99 of people over 50 they say they deal with and they didn’t deal with it earlier in life so the first category I’m gonna break this out into a sort of categories the first category is going to be gut integrity what are foods that you should just be adding in here and there to hopefully help out that gut integrity.

A little bit the first one is pomegranate contains very specific polyphenols that can signal the tight junctions within the gut to get a little bit tighter so you don’t need to be consuming a big sloppy messy pomegranate I know they’re probably the biggest pain in the butt to eat and if you have young kids or you probably remember the last thing I want to give my toddler is a pomegranate, but there’s some power there so little concentrated pomegranate juice might be a really good thing there additionally green tea.

What Is Called Plant Glycans

The egg within green tea can send signals and send a whole different cascade of compounds that can tighten up those junctions as well it also gives some of the bacteria what it needs so that it doesn’t have to pull from the gut mucosal layer a lot of times when we go in between meals it’s a pretty normal thing our microbes within our gut they would normally feed on what is called plant glycans but if our stomach is empty or intestines are empty they’re going to feed on some of the glycans.

That is living on like the host mucous membrane so they start breaking that down again totally normal thing but we have to be cognizant of so a little bit of green tea in between meals is never a bad thing now one of the things that I found significantly interesting is chickpea flour or chickpea pasta or even just straight up chickpeas but it’s a little bit harder to break down chickpea pasta which is like everywhere that contains a very specific compound that triggers the expression of genes means it allows. You Can Also Read Fasting Get Weight Loss With Plateau Its 2022 Tips.

Those genes to do their job are becoming expressed a lot of times we have a ton of genes that remain under lock and key and they don’t get unlocked or expressed they have to get acted upon by specific ligands or whatever in this case chickpeas are powerful for that because the genes express that are directly correlated with creating tighter junctions in the gut remember.

Our Gut Microbiome Breaks The Food

Those loose junctions can allow things to potentially cross through which may signal a lot of different things to happen and then the sort of puzzle piece with all this is adding some collagen into the mix so you’re getting the proteins to do the job right the proteins to help rebuild that gut mucosal layer you’re putting the pieces together that’s in the signals but you need the proteins too so a little bit of collagen added to the mixed number four is powerful and important.

I recommend it’s from a company called perfect keto don’t have to be doing keto to use it it’s just from a company called perfect keto when we eat food the foods break down and our gut microbiome breaks the food down even more into these short chain fatty acids which are the signaling molecules to help us metabolize glucose better to help us metabolize fats better to help us express more genes it also allows us to have.

What is called something very important histone deacetylase inhibition so histone deacetylase inhibition means you are unlocking the genes to be able to do their job again so by having more short chain fatty acids we get that job done but what happens why does this matter for you for over 50 well if you’re over 50 you don’t have as many short chain fatty acids.

Food Green Unripe Bananas

There’s very clear science that shows up to 50 or more of your short chain fatty acids can go away so that’s less than that means you have less than 50 of what you did when you were younger sending signals for good metabolism this is generally a result of not eating enough calories or not eating enough fiber depends on your situation some people don’t eat enough as they get older they don’t they should be eating more some people eat too much but their ratio of fiber’s off so either way the way you can get around this is by consuming a few things plantains.

You only need like a quarter to a half of a plantain it’s a specific kind of resistant starch that is resistant to the absorption into the bloodstream so it stays in the gut and gets broken down into short chain fatty acids in the same category another food green unripe bananas now you’re going to turn off this video because now I sound insane but first of all, they don’t taste that bad and second of all you only need like a quarter of one again you can inch your way up you might feel a little bit of bloating.

When you consume it because it is staying in your gut and it’s fermenting creating more bacteria and short chain fatty acids it is a good thing to mix it up to put it in oatmeal or something like that then consume some artichoke it contains something called long chain inulin technically very long chain inulin which is a specific kind of fiber that digests slowly so you get a lot of benefit from a prebiotic sense that can have a powerful effect if not the most powerful effect on short chain fatty acid production of any vegetable cashews.

Those Lower Carb Foods

But there’s a big caveat with cashews you have to sprout them or buy them sprouted don’t try to cut a corner by having a roasted or just regular raw cashew there’s too much phytic acid which breaks down the gut barrier which kind of eliminates all those potential positive things we did with the first category so sprouted cashews are very good too another one is it’s in a lot of foods these days and it’s in a lot of those lower carb foods and sometimes people think it’s bad but it’s called chicory root and chicory root is just fine.

If you don’t want a lot of it it’ll bloat you but it’s totally fine so look for foods that have chicory root in it some of them even the low carb treats like lower carb keto cookies use it as a binder to give it texture and to give it volume but it’s really good for your gut and really good for that overall signaling this next category is under the polyphenols category and this is probably the most important category just for overall just taking care of your brain and taking care of how your body is working so in this case.

We have different polyphenols doing different things but one thing that is very important to know is the polyphenols don’t just absorb polyphenols get acted upon by the microbes in our gut and we absorb the metabolites of the polyphenols so the first one is chocolate as you get older you should be consuming unsweetened or very lightly sweetened dark chocolate two very beneficial things that are happening here polyphenols which are signaling and have metabolites.

Inflammatory Level And Two Good Par Activations

That affects different things from an inflammatory level and two good par activations we want more fatty acid utilization as we get older because it yields more calories fat has nine calories per gram if our body gets used to using fat it’s a better fuel source as we get older because it’s also very very anti-catabolic keeps us from wasting muscle chocolate has the potential to activate par and be very good for people over 50 if you’re concerned about muscle wasting hazelnuts are also rich in very specific polyphenols pecans within the same category capers very high in quercetin.

This is one of the most potent things that we could have in the way of polyphenols and flavonoids we do want to have those so don’t be afraid about the salt it’s not as bad as you think they are adding them to some salmon add them to things like that and then the last one that I have to touch on I’ve mentioned it in another video don’t be afraid of berries people think that fruit’s gonna just destroy the results whether they’re doing low carb or not because they think it’s magically gets turned to fat.

You have to consume a lot of it but if you lean into berries like strawberries blueberries raspberries those things are going to be fine like half a cup to three-quarters of a cup moderation but they also have very specific compounds like polyphenol metabolites that can cross through the blood-brain barrier and modulate an inflammatory response within the brain helping you potentially not have as much brain fog but also kind of like modulating the immune response that’s associated with what’s called the microglia which is the immune system within the brain.