The Best Time To Use a Sauna To Get Maximum Results

The Best Time To Use a Sauna To Get Maximum Results
The Best Time To Use a Sauna To Get Maximum Results

Introduction Of The Best Time To Use a Sauna To Get Maximum Results

The Best Time To Use a Sauna To Get Maximum Results. What dynorphin it is an opioid believe it or not it’s kind of weird now when this endorphin or this dine orphan excuse me is produced it does a weird thing it creates a state of dysphoria it makes you feel kind of discombobulated and kind of the opposite of what endorphins do it’s a little bit weird but your body is always trying to find homeostasis right so the goal within your body is to say.

Utilizing A Sauna

Let’s counterbalance this and let’s try to improve levels of endorphins so normally when you work out it takes you hours to get that endorphin rush and usually you don’t feel it until after your workout utilizing a sauna gets you there a little bit quicker a lot quicker we’re talking like 20 minutes and you’re gonna have that improvement or I should say the increase in dynorphin and the counterbalance of the endorphins so then what happens when you get out of the sauna the dynorphin levels come down but the endorphins stay high so.

That way you get a little bit of the potential pain relief you get some of that mobility that comes with that but you also get your head in the game so you could use a sauna pre-workout if you have a hard time getting going maybe it takes you 20 minutes of warming up before you feel like you’re actually in the groove and able to push some heavy weight personally that is kind of me I used to be the kind of guy that could jump right into a workout like cold turkey and like start trap bar deadlift.

A Sauna Gets Me There In Like 10 Minutes

If I did that now my leg would end up in Santa Cruz and my like hips would end up in new york as I’d explode my body was too brittle for that I have to warm up it’s just how it happens with age right but a sauna gets me there in like 10 minutes and I can get there while just getting my head in the game now additionally as far as mobility and things like that go yeah you’re going to have an improvement in blood flow and in some times with given people it all depends sometimes your peripheral vascular resistance is a little bit higher.

This means you have a harder time pumping blood flow to your arms or your legs sometimes it’s normal it’s sometimes a genetic thing and you can’t control it always now a sauna is going to trigger that vasodilation that’s going to allow you to get that blood flow moving a little bit more now I’m going to come back to pre-workout in just a second uh let me jump over to some post-workout stuff because there’s a lot of evidence showing how a post-workout sonic can work too and in case you’re getting the gist here. You Can Also Read New 10 Foods People Over Age 50 Should Be Eating Fitness Tips.

There’s no right or wrong way I’m just giving you different applications so you have to remember that using a sauna as far as performance goes it’s all about acclimating getting your body adjusted to operating at a higher heat so it goes without saying that if you run outdoors in the heat and stuff like that asana is going to help you acclimate to that but let’s push that aside when it comes to recovery and it comes to like getting the most out of your workout after the fact well.

You Use A Sauna For A Little Bit First Additionally

If you increase your blood flow you’re gonna have more fatty acid delivery so you’re gonna have more recovery there you’re gonna have more glucose delivery so more glycogen restoration you’re gonna be able to store carbohydrates from your work post workout a little bit easier but you’re also going to have more oxygen being delivered which can stimulate recovery but the funny thing is is that works pre-workout to so post-workout those benefits work as far as recovery is concerned pre-workout you get yourself mobilizing fats.

So you potentially kick-start lipolysis which means you’re kick-starting the fat burning process so one could argue that you get more of a fat burning effect out of your workout if you use a sauna for a little bit first additionally it’s also going to get your norepinephrine levels up first which is going to mobilize fats and also catalyze them to get burned for fuel post-workout you’re going to deliver the nutrients and recover more which means you’ll be able to work out harder.

The next day so six and one half a dozen in the other you have to find where you’re like issues lie right now there was a cool study that took a look at performance after asana checked this out this study was published in the journal of science and medicine and sport two times per week 30 minutes of asana for a few weeks two times per week 30 minutes that’s it post workout they found that there was an improvement in the time to exhaustion by 32 percent after running so what that means is using asana for that short amount of time a couple of times per week improved.

You Look At Recovery Using A Sauna Post-Workout

The performance by a third the time to exhaustion that’s all showing after a workout so yeah I mean maybe you get more performance if you’re using the asana after a workout a lot of the stuff pre-workout is a little bit more anecdotal a little bit more my experience a little bit more like piecing things together with the research you’re in a slightly dehydrated state after a workout you naturally are and then you go sit in a sauna and it’s going to increase your temperature which is going to make.

What blood you do have a float to the capillaries and float to your skin right to cool you off well this creates a decrease in blood volume which triggers the kidneys to produce what’s called EPO which is used in like performance enhancers right like that’s that’s a common thing to produce more red blood cells produce more oxygen carry more oxygen so you get a pretty literal benefit there I mean that’s legit stuff so we have that like long tail performance benefit that could help you out over the long term so.

It’s like pre-workout is a little bit more of an acute I need to get my head in the game workout and if you had to choose which one to do you know I would probably lean a little bit more towards post but if it’s all about just getting your head in the game it’s a whole different ball game then you want to you know to get yourself warmed up first and injury prevention I would lean towards going first right now additionally when you look at recovery using a sauna post-workout is going to help stimulate the recovery.

What About Infrared Versus Dry Sauna

Because it’s going to lessen some of the oxidative damage and it’s going to lessen some of the oxidative stress that is slowing down recovery it’s also making it so protein synthesis stays elevated and you can have a huge surge in growth hormone we’re talking like a 16x increase if you’re using asana a lot like one to two hours per day which is unrealistic otherwise you’re still getting a nice boost like by 1.5 to 2x growth hormone right after a workout even for like 20 or 30 minutes.

So again muscle building I think that doing it post-workout is going to work best for injury prevention doing it pre but then let’s break this down for just a little bit more what about infrared versus dry sauna infrared I would recommend almost exclusively using pre-workout infrared is low temperature so you’re not getting the heat shock proteins you’re getting uh sort of internal cooking and it’s going to heat you inside and loosen you up better so if it’s for injury prevention and it’s to loosen you up.

You might want to go just infrared sauna a lot cheaper and a lot easier to set up but if you’re going to try to get your head in the game and get the endorphins pre-workout then you want a dry sauna I can’t think of a practical application to use an infrared after a workout because it’s not I mean you could say that it’s inflammatory or anti-inflammatory but I think more so you want to use a dry sauna I would recommend utilizing red light therapy after a workout because that has some powerful anti-inflammatory effects there are also different effects as far as photobiomodulation has on the energy systems within the body.