How To Solve Pain Or Burning Feet In 2022 Health Guide

How To Solve Pain Or Burning Feet In 2022 Health Guide
How To Solve Pain Or Burning Feet In 2022 Health Guide

Introduction Of How To Solve Pain Or Burning Feet In 2022 Health Guide

How To Solve Pain Or Burning Feet In 2022 Health Guide. What is causing me this pain that is causing me this burning in my feet that feel like they have fire down there in my feet I go to the blackboard to explain it this is a fairly common condition the issue of pain or when donating feet some people walk around with very sore feet very tired and they don’t know.

Glucose Blood Sugar

Why I explain the body works and has metabolic energy because there is a fuel that glucose is called glucose blood sugar is your body’s main fuel in the same way that blood sugar is gasoline your car fuel so everything you eat in one way or another mainly ends up turning into glucose when glucose is too high and it’s too high well the normal glucose ranges.

The lowest is about 70 because under his hypoglycemia that sugar drops and when he reaches 130 from above 130 are that he begins to see cell destruction, that is, from above 130 already that excess glucose is beginning to destroy the body, that is what takes away his sight a diabetic what causes amputations what damages the body as such so that the range.

How To Solve Pain Or Burning Feet In 2022 Health Guide

That we could call safe for glucose is 70 130 is in that range the body can still be corrected, repaired and so on when that glucose exceeds 150 200 300 per up there now we have problems because we are going to have destruction when there is excess glucose let’s say if you are having and you are observing that you have a belly that you have an abdomen that your body is accumulating fat that your clothes are tight because the safest thing is because you have glucose levels higher than 130 because.

Pain In The Fee

When it goes up a lot the first thing that happens is that the body begins to gain weight what increases the weight is not something other than high glucose, which is what a diabetic has, high glucose, what is what an obese person has, high glucose, the common factor between diabetics and obese people, is that high glucose, that is why when there is a pain in the feet pain in the feet pain or burning what it means is that there is destruction going on down there it turns out that we live on a planet that has gravity our planet has gravity it means.

That your body has a certain weight because the planet does not wing down the glucose when is in excess is fermented when it is fermented that is fermented within the hot environment and a medium of the body is converted into lactic acid the lactic acid that is also produced with after exercise makes their muscles ache and so on lactic acid when glucose is fermented. You Can Also Read Intermittent Fasting | How Much Weight Did I Lose in 2 Weeks?.

This is really in an environment where there is not enough oxygen because it cannot be oxidized it becomes lactic acid which passes lactic acid weighs 22 percent more than blood 22 percent more was on a planet a planet with gravity if it weighs more where it is going to end up it has to end up below therefore that excess glucose that has now become lactic acid as it weighs more weighs more than the blood is going to Going to the bottom means that the area that excess acid is going to impact is going to be the feet.

Consuming The Feet

Now, when the excess lactic acid caused by the excess glucose that naturally comes from consuming the feet hits the feet. too much food kind of fattening foods bread flour rice sweet potato Mexican tortilla I will do for anything any food that is a starch rice bread pizza flour all that turns into glucose and that excess glucose becomes Asia antique or like lactic acid weighs 22 percent more than the blood that goes down what happens when it goes down then.

It means that the accumulation of acid in the bottom of the feet goes to be very strong the acid is known to destroy oxygen it destroys oxygen when oxygen is destroyed by excess acid it is an acidic environment you cannot breathe there is no oxygen when lactic acid destroys oxygen now the cells in the legs of the foot down you can’t breathe because you can’t breathe you can’t produce energy because you don’t produce energy now you have pain which is pain.

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The pain always lacks energy the current produced by the cell always drops and pain automatically comes so when you start to feel pain in the legs more than necessary as if your leg hurts too much know that your glucose is too high there are several solutions for that now s If you are feeling not pain but burning it is like it burns you what happens is that the concentration of acid is so strong and since the corrosive acid is burning your skin in effect it is cooking your skin in the same way as you have a ceviche that is fish, you cook some of it in the lemon.

Put Your Feet In A Hot Bucket

Which is acidic, likewise your skin is going to cook due to the excess of lactic acid that passes through both the alcohol and the pain, both have to do with high glucose solution, if your feet are hurting too much it is not a question of searching you can put your feet in a hot bucket and you will feel better because on the circulation you can try to do with people when your feet hurt a lot than to lift your legs and yourself raise your legs what happens is that the acid.

Put Your Feet In A Hot Bucket

That down now came back and is already coming out of the legs and that’s why you feel better but the main thing would be to reduce the amount of acid and lower the glucose that e will also help you lose weight and feel good so solutions start drinking enough water because drinking enough water dissolves and forces the body to urinate all that pile of acid 2 apply to the three for one and three for one diet of the episodes for to lower glucose levels and reduce the type of foods.

Save Your Feet

What are the ones that shoot glucose up and cause this problem the other thing you have to do is start supplementing your body with magnesium and potassium these two minerals are both well alkaline does not mean that they neutralize the acid so you start drinking enough water based on your body weight diet 3 for 1 to lower glucose levels and stop the destruction and pain.

Tha? was happening to the cells of the skin of the foot and the Haldol and start with supplementing with magnesium and potassium that neutralize the excess of acid you these three things and definitely that they are not going to hurt you Your feet won’t even have Haldol and you’ll be able to save your feet.