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Our Medical Expert Board consists of board-certified physicians and healthcare professionals who work with jemabufit.com’s editorial team to ensure our articles and content are medically accurate, relevant, and up-to-date. They medically review content, providing expert opinions and medical perspectives.

Our writing process was created to help you digest and easily understand health information. Our writers and editors are seasoned journalists who uncover research studies, data and medical jargon to ensure this information is clear, accurate, empathetic and actionable to help you make sound health decisions.

Our editorial team oversees the creation and development of all our content and brings you the latest health news and the endless health topics you’ve been searching for. We prioritize the integrity of our content and are unaffected by sponsors.

jemabufit.com mission is to provide fact-based health and wellness information to all people, regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, culture, body type and ability. We create content that reflects the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our target audience, especially when it comes to historically marginalized groups in healthcare. We believe the diversity of our writers, editors, medical professionals, producers and photographers makes our coverage more accessible and empathetic.

Meet our team

Our team is made up of passionate editors, designers, developers, marketers, SEO experts, and others who are dedicated to providing you with reliable, empathetic health information.